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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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Getting started (part one)

Here's my story -- posted a few years back to another site. Hope you enjoy it!

My earliest recollections of being clothes-free inclined are of nights when I would stand naked at the intersection of my bedroom door and the hall beyond. My siblings were in their bedrooms; my parents behind the closed door of their room. I was perhaps 7 or 8 years old. I was too scared to step out from my doorframe and into the hall for fear of some family member discovering my state of undress. I may only have done this half a dozen times.
Much later, perhaps when I was 15 or 16, I actually ventured outside late one night. I had been in bed, trying to get to sleep, but the persistent drip of water in the downspout outside my window kept me from finding any rest. Since it was raining (not hard), I decided to forego clothing, and sneak out through the garage and around the side of the house to the patio, and across the backyard (and past my parents’ bedroom window) to the rain gutter where the offensive noise could (hopefully) be silenced with a rag. I guess I pulled it off, since I heard nothing from my folks, and a lot less drip from the downspout.
I can’t say it was a strong desire to be nude, but it certainly was a notion that motivated me from time-to-time. I remember a desire to skinny-dip in a neighbor’s pool one summer evening with a friend. I don’t recall if he was at all interested, but I remember giving it a brief, skittish try. My desire to be naked was usually defeated by my fear of being seen or caught; no doubt because of the sense of guilt or shame associated with being nude.
Still later, at college, the topic came up with a couple of friends that body shame was ridiculous; that men and women, boys and girls, ought to feel free about their whole selves because nudity did not equal sex. Somehow it was determined that we should test this theory out by actually spending time naked with a member of the other gender. This, however, was not practical on the campus of a small, conservative school; but twice I undressed and spent a handful of minutes in the presence of a naked peer outside in the dark on some deserted athletic field. These attempts to be comfortable in my own skin in the presence of another failed to satisfy my desire to truly feel at ease, not so much about my body (a physical entity), but about my nakedness (a concept, or state of thought). I didn’t much care for the mosquito bites, either.
When I was married there were two experiences that stand as valid clothing free events to me. The first was a late-night birthday-suit bike-ride down a seldom used country road near our house. That was my first time to be away from safety, so to speak; if a vehicle had come along, we would have had to scramble away from the roadway and away from the headlights. Fortunately, we had the road to ourselves. It was an exhilirating, thrilling ride in the delightful evening air. The next event was a jacuzzi session that included a sister-in-law. The three of us sat and soaked and talked until the heat drove us outside to cool down in the darkness of the night. This was at a house some distance from the road; there was no fear of discovery. I cherished these experiences, but they were too few and too far inbetween.
Just a couple of years ago, I was home alone one dark, moonless night when I got the notion to shed my clothes and go “air bathing.” I discovered that if I turned down the lights in the house, I could jog/run laps around my house without putting myself at risk of being seen by neighbors. I would head out through the screened-in porch to a side yard, jog around behind the garage, then run towards the street and dash across my driveway, and back around to the porch. It felt so good to feel a little breeze across my entire body, and to dangle and bounce free of clothing. I did this a number of times, when circumstances allowed, but I was never fully satisfied. I had yet to feel the sun all over, or to be in an open, social setting.

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