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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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Nude hiking

Most people share on here about nude beaches, resorts or private swims. Anyone have any stories to share about nude hiking?

I'm putting that on my bucket list. While public nudity isn't illegal here (offended parties have to prove obscene intent), it's a bit risky to go by yourself, as you then become a lone nude ranger, even though we have a lot of remote trails, and most people you'd meet on them wouldn't be easily offended by simple nudity. Fairly sure my wife wouldn't be keen to join me, but there's a chance I might be able to talk my brother into coming along. (I found out not long ago that his housemates are avid nude gardeners, although I don't think he joins in!)

Anyway, it's on the long-term to-do list.
While reading up on it, I came across a great blog by a dedicated nature-skinny-dipper:

I saw a comment or two from a certain mTr, so I presume the blog is not unknown to at least some of our forum members.

She has great attitude and commitment, and writes well in the spirit of a body-positive, nature-loving adventurer.

The world needs more of this.

Re: Nude hiking

There are a couple of AANR resorts in Indiana that have some fun trails that I like to hike when my wife and I have gone to visit.
One near Valparaiso and one near Bloomington.

Re: Nude hiking

Thanks Freedom lover. Yes, I suppose if a resort/club owns a large enough property then there is room enough for a hiking trail or two, with the advantage that nudity is expected rather than frowned upon :)

I don't know that any of the landed clubs here have enough land for hiking trails of any decent length. While day trips would be great, I wonder if anyone here has been on a multi-day adventure.

This account from a textile hiker really sells the appeal of one of the longest public trails in this country. (Makes me want to try it - clothed or unclothed, but especially the latter.) He also adds in a humourous anecdote about a close encounter with a nude hiker and reports some of the reactions from other hikers. (Mostly amused rather than offended.)

Re: Nude hiking

If you haven’t had a chance to see them, I have posted on a couple of my nude hikes here:

and here:

I hope you are able to enjoy a similar outing eventually.

Re: Nude hiking

Thanks mTr. I've probably read them before, I try to catch most things on here, but I'll take another look to relive the memory. One day I'll make a hiking memory of my own to share with you all.

Re: Nude hiking

Hi, Group:
A few years ago, Fig Leaf Forum (since discontinued, but archived) offered members a chance to get acquainted, and I had an opportunity to visit a Lebanon, Missouri member to hike in his 20 acres of woods. He showed me a campfire area on one side of a lane and then, on into the woods, at the end of the lane, a place cleared out big enough to park a motor home. Otherwise I content myself with our half-acre back yard here in town.
However, I would like to offer another invigorating experience for a brief encounter with Nature: snow angels.
It's 19 degrees outside today (Thu 3 Feb '22) so just too cold to enjoy this activity, but when it's a bit milder, I like to spend enough time on our patio to fan one into shape. Linda doesn't join me, but she likes to watch me shiver making one!
Hiking would be great. I would appreciate a group encounter, though even back yard gatherings around our fish pond talking it up is nice.

Re: Nude hiking

I've done nude hiking in a state park near here. It's usually busy on on weekends, but on weekdays there's no one there, especially in the morning or late evening. I've hiked a 2.2 mile trail and most of a 3.5 mile trail nude, but it's been a few years since I did those since we moved farther away from that park. Now I occasionally do short nude hikes in a nature preserve in the town where we live. It has about 4 miles of unpaved trails, along with the 2.5 miles of paved trails most people use. If there are no cars in the parking lot, I take the paved trail to unpaved part before I get undressed to continue on.

Re: Nude hiking

I did pop outside for a quick nude snow angel in our driveway the last time we had a decent snowfall. Good fun :) That was a few years ago now.
There won't be another chance for a while since it's summer at this end of the world. Even in winter, though, it's getting rarer and rarer to have any snowfall settle at all here where I live. Thanks global warming - at least the summers are warmer and longer now :D

Re: Nude hiking

I have had nude hiking on my bucket list and a few weeks ago, I crossed that off.
I have a friend who lives out in a gated country lake estate and I was invited to go out and walk anytime I wanted. The first time I went, he and I walked for about 5 miles through trails and then created one as we went through a dense portion of old growth woods. I only wore a pair of short shorts that did little to hide me but since it was the first hike I didn’t want to shock him since it was the first walk. Good thing I wasn’t totally nude as I received several scratches from briars and short brush we stepped on and over. When we arrived back at his house, I asked to use his garden hose to wash off. He allowed it so I stripped and washed my whole body. He went and retrieved a towel so I could dry off. I told him I enjoyed air drying and he allowed it on his front porch. After drying, I dressed, thanked him, then left.
The second walk, I went alone and was totally nude. Through the woods I went and came across two deer feeders with cameras. Needless to say, someone got some great photos of an old buck waking past their feeders…Lolol
When I arrived back at my friend’s house he was gone so I took the liberty of borrowing his hose and washed myself again, dressed and left. I’m hoping to get out there at least one more time before the temps get to cool to walk nude.

Re: Nude hiking

I have an update from my last post.

So the wife and I went on a hike together yesterday in the National forest. It was a 2.7 mile trail and it was great! We went around 11AM, our time, the weather was perfect and there were only bike riders on a different path parked in the parking lot so we were the only walkers.
As we started out on the trail I informed my wife, who wanted to lead, that if I started to get hotter that I was going to remove clothing. I was wearing thin shorts, thin shirt and shoes. She asked what I was going to do if we met someone, I said wave and say hi and keep walking. I told her that I had read the rules on the board at the start of the trail, the park service has to post rules, and there was nothing about no nudity. As we continued, I got hot so I removed my shirt and tucked a portion in the back waistband of my shorts. She said nothing as we walked more.
This trail was windy and had tough root knobs sticking just above the dirt causing us to stumble at first but we began anticipating them so we slowed down a bit. As we continued to walk, we crossed the blue path and a rider went by just before we crossed. We all said “hi” as he passed. The trail began a long winding descent and we talked as we walked but had to pay attention to where we placed our feet so as not to trip over roots. The walk and the weight of the shirt tucked into my shorts had caused them to drop below by backside so essentially my frontside and thighs were the only part covered.
When the path plainer out my wife looked back to say something and said “guess your getting nude now” to which I stopped, took my shorts off and threw them and my shirt over my shoulder and replied “guess so!”
She shook her head and turned and continued walking and I followed. What a great feeling to be out in the middle of the woods walking nude.
We reached a stopping point and turned to walk back to the parking lot. My wife asked again if I was going to put my clothes back on in case we met anyone and I told her nope. Just as we started, off the trail about 20-25 feet, we heard rustling and stopped in our tracks. We thought it might be deer or wild hog and we didn’t want to spook it but it turned out to be a guy in full camo and backpack. Not sure what he was doing but once we realized what or who it was we continued. I didn’t even have time to cover and we just laughed about it as we walked.
When we got about a half mile from the end, I chose to put my shorts on so we could just walk to the car once we got back. I omitted the fact that the parking lot is located adjacent to a major freeway with lots of traffic and a clear view of the entire parking lot. I didn’t feel like taking a chance of being seen from the freeway. Anyway, about 25 feet after I put my shorts on, we rounded the last curve in the trail and walked face to face into 2 young girls, 2 women, a man, and a big bulldog on a leash. Scared the wife and she turned back to look at me. We said hi as we passed, I told them about the guy in the woods and we walked on. I don’t believe there would have been any problems had I not put my shorts back on but for those people’s sale, I’m glad I did. They looked horrified meeting someone on the trail, must have never been there before or even walked on a trail. I say this because dogs are normally allowed on paths like this.
All in all it was a great walk. I’m looking forward to the next one.