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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

Never knowing exactly when, but I aim to be close, Brian, happy (belated??) 42nd birthday, and to both you and Sunny, happy 19th anniversary!!

Re: Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

Lutheran Nude,
Thank you for the birthday and anniversary wishes. Very kind of you to remember us on these occasions. We spent the weekend camping as we did for S's birthday as well. Good family time. We all enjoyed it.

Re: Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

You are most welcome, Brian. You wouldn't happen to want to expand on your comments regarding your weekend, would you?? I know someone who can write a little may even know who she is..... :wink:

Re: Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

I like camping so much that any day of the year would be cause for celebration.
Having family with you is the greatest gift, a wonderful way to spend your birthday.

But I do wonder: Did you attempt to bake Sunny a birthday cake in a Dutch oven over a roaring fire?
Camp cooking can taste better than home cooking if you use the right firewood and technique. It's just a different skill set and involves a slightly different set of cookware.
Even the kids can pop corn and wrap biscuit bread around a stick and fire bake it. (when the biscuit is fully done, for an extra treat, slide the biscuit off the stick and put some butter in the hole in the dough). I learned this in Scouts.

At my favorite textile campground the lake is cold even in August, but on a really hot sunny day, if you push through the waters a warm sunny dock awaits you in the middle of the lake. But you would be in so much trouble if you climbed up on that dock without anything on. Yet, a bare body warms up faster in the sun without a wet bathing suit to hold that cold lake water against your skin. None of the rules about clothes make any sense!

My nudist campground has no lake, only a pretty creek. But the swimming pool is warm even until October. They put a pool cover directly over it at night and by day it is open to the autumn sun and gets comfortably warm. And more importantly, you can wear nature's perfect swimsuit: your skin. Nice to have a place where nude is normal!

Happy summer to all of you!

Re: Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

Oh, Ramblinman, you are never going to get a cake from a Dutch oven over a roaring fire. You need to have hot coals, underneath, around the sides, and on top of the lid.

But you are quite correct. Camp cooking, actually any "outside" cooking, is always a better tasting thing then kitchen stove/oven cooking. Wrapping biscuit dough around hot dogs or sausage links stuck on a stick is a good food item, too.

And to you 2nd point, your natural swimsuit is also "the best" for swimming, diving, etc.

Re: Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary

Lutheran Nude, I had a good laugh over the "roaring fire" comment. I hope no one attempted baking like that! But yes, you can bake over a nice bed of coals in the way you suggested. Good catch!!
I learn from mistakes and haven't starved in the process. Yes, camp cooking requires being creative, learning new skills, but the results are often better.

On another web site, someone published a short list of things that shouldn't be done nude (usually to avoid a burn or sharp objects) and a long list of things that can be done with the added comfort of nudity. To that we can add a list of tasks or recreation that are much more enjoyable when performed nude, offering greater comfort or are simply healthier.
We are creatures of God's design and while there's no divinely-provided instruction manual for the body, certain truths about good health are self-evident if we put aside our "never be naked" upbringing for a more body-affirming way of thinking.

In my corner of the world, a nude body is far better in dealing with summer heat and humidity than a clothed body. As long as one avoids getting burned in the midday sun, total nudity offers a great way to put 100% of our skin at work to make vitamin D, enough to last into the winter if we pace ourselves and are consistent about it through the warm, sunny months.

The psychological benefit of creating a culture of nudity among family and friends is a little harder to measure, but it is a real benefit. Once past the angst of the unfamiliar or overcoming negative conditioning, we can be happier with the openness, the freedom and sense of connection with nature that natural nudity affords. I'll let the psychologists dive deep into the weeds on this one, but most of us know intuitively that our lives are better for having joined the nudist/naturist community.

Every family should try to create a sanctuary of healthy nudity at home indoors and ideally, create a nude space in a private corner of the yard as well.

Sunny and Brian have a campground that offers the excitement of being nude in nature and among friends that take the enjoyment to a whole new level.

Giving your loved ones a vacation at a nudist place is one of the best possible gifts.