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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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thank you sunny

I enjoy reading stories about naturist lives but the other night I got on two sites that was suppose be nudist stories sad to say they were sex stories so thank you sunny for keeping this a true naturist site

Re: thank you sunny

I'll second the last comment about your stories and the postings on your site. It's refreshing to see good, safe and wholesome postings and stories. your site is one of the best!

Re: thank you sunny

Bob and George,

Thanks for your encouragement. I agree that it’s important that we do our best to let others know what nude living and recreation is actually about and what it might be like for them if they try it.

Thank you to everyone in our community here for their efforts toward that goal.


Re: thank you sunny

I completely agree with the above comments. You, Sunny, do an admirable service the the nude lifestyle by presenting the true, normal, wholesome, family picture of nudism/naturism. KUDOS!!

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