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Interesting news headline-"No-Clothes" store opening

The following is an actual news headline that appeared in my email news feed this morning:

Will Nordstrom's No-Clothes Strategy Succeed in a World where Malls are Dying?

Needless to say, the underlying story is not quite what sprang to my mind. According to Nordstrom's web site, they are going to pioneer a new "Nordstrom Local" that "will have one styling suite and eight dressing rooms surrounding a central meeting space where customers can sit comfortably, enjoy a glass of wine or beer, and chat with their personal stylists."

I had to wonder why they need 8 dressing rooms for a "no-clothes" environment. Maybe they meant "undressing rooms".

But, alas, it only means they will not be displaying clothing for sale in this new concept store, but will take special orders for clothing and other items.

Re: Interesting news headline-"No-Clothes" store opening

It is very interesting