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The Need to be Nude

I have a theory. There are some people out there (myself included) who need to be nude. No, it's not one of those must-haves to sustain life as far a survival is concerned. But it is necessary to sustain life as far a thriving is concerned. Survival is OK, but we want to thrive.

I speak from experience here. Never do I feel more at peace then when I'm nude. But not just any nude. Nude where it affirms that the body is good. So being alone at home inside your house is good, but that doesn't affirm to others that the body is good. To affirm that the body is good, our nudity needs to be seen. And seen as something more than sexual. Seen as something inherently good. I don't think we should deny that our bodies are sexual--but out culture has that truth covered very well. The truth that is not covered very well is the dignity of our nude bodies.

The only way I can be nude in a situation where it affirms that the body is good is to be nude where I could be seen by others in an "incidental" kind of way. I'm not talking flashing, since that's an in-your-face kind of think. I'm talking about doing normal everyday tasks outdoors in the nude where you could be seen by others. For me, it's hard to relax enough to do this unless I've had a few drinks. Not drunk, but just relaxed enough to not care so much if I'm seen.

Last week I went out back and checked on my dogs, petted them, filled their water dishes, etc in the nude where I could incidentally be seen. I did the same thing in broad daylight when I checked my mail.

It's strange -- in some ways it was very relaxing. In other ways it was still a bit stressful knowing there could be consequences.

I don't know for sure if anyone saw me. I'm pretty sure nobody did, in which case I didn't really accomplish anything other than enjoying the great outdoors in the nude. If someone did see me, then this was an accomplishment because they evidentally didn't call the police since it's been over a week and there's been no sign of the police.

What do you think? Do you agree that some people have a need to be nude?

Re: The Need to be Nude

Hard to believe no one else replied to this. I'll give it a shot.

Frankly, it sounds like there's more here than a need to be nude and in fact, you said so. You need to be seen, too. It is complicated and it sounds like an obsession. That much I understand and mostly agree with.

On this point, I might add that in nearly all cases, nudity is intentional and virtually never incidental. Oh, there's nudity in the changing room at the gym (I imagine--never been to a gym), there nudity when you bathe and so on. But the rest of the time, you (we) are nude because you want to be. And nude in a practical sense, not as a purist. I nearly always wear something on my feet and sometimes a cap whenever I'm nude, no matter where I am.

I think it is good to be nude but not necessary. It would be even better if one were about to be nude anywhere and everywhere but at least outside now and then. When I first began going nude, it was always outside. That was when I was still in high school, too. I have no idea where I got the idea but I think it may have been because I wanted an all-over tan. But that is problematic for people born with red hair. It isn't red anymore but it's still problematic.

I think the desire to be seen nude is a wish to affirm that nudity is "okay." The problem is when others who might see you don't think it is and I know that from experience. In your case, any benefit might have been cancelled out by the additional stress it involved. But you have options.

You might confine your nude time to those few places where it is acceptable, at a club or at one of the few nude-tolerant or nude-legal beaches. That would provide positive reinforcement for being nude, hopefully. Likewise, you could be nude in the backwoods when hiking, which is what I've usually done, although I have visited a club and beaches. But you probably won't meet anyone when hiking in the backwoods.

As a last resort, think about your neighbors, who are the ones most likely to see you, I assume. Would you guess that any of them are of the mind who would tolerate your nudity? In other words, would it bother them if they happened to see you outside when nude? Of all things, that's the most critical thing here.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. I don't mind being seen nude but some discretion is suggested.

Re: The Need to be Nude

I agree that some of us have a desire for some affirmation that nudity is okay. That's why I love Sunnyday's site and message board. I feel normal when I read and interact here. I am fortunate that while no one in my family participates, I am generally free to be nude at home. (I am married with 4 kids.)

That being said, I choose not to take risks such as checking the mail nude. I am blessed to have a fairly private backyard and I have been adventurous enough to wander into the more exposed areas a few times, but always watchful for any way I might be seen. (I first check to see that the 2nd story windows have the blinds closed.) The potential consequences of being arrested, fined, or even being placed on the sex offenders list are just not worth the risk, at least where I live. I've heard that parts of Oregon are fairly tolerant of nonsexual nudity, but I've never been there. There may be other areas of the country where one could venture out more with minimal risk.

While I do understand the desire to be seen without people freaking out about seeing a nude man, I hope you can find socially acceptable ways to be nude. For instance, even if your backyard is not private, my opinion is that people are less likely to mind seeing "incidental" nudity there than in the front, especially if you are right next to your house. HOWEVER, if there are kids living near you, don't risk it.

It was a big investment of time and money, but I am very glad I put up a good privacy fence with pickets that overlap. I can relax and enjoy at least parts of my yard, which is much better than being stressed while nude.

Re: The Need to be Nude

I think some of you people are kidding yourselves. Walking around your backyard naked, or getting the mail naked is only likely to get yourself arrested. I think the original poster is getting off on the momentary thrill of shocking people.

I have loved being naked outdoors since I was a kid. I used to take my rowboat to an island in the middle of the river next to my town, and walk around naked. I like being naked in nature. it gives me a "peace which passeth understanding". I am lucky to live near Sandy Hook nude beach in New Jersey where I can swim and walk naked for miles

Re: The Need to be Nude

I tend to agree and by the way, there used to be several other posts in this thread that disappeared. Sunspots again, no doubt.

Pushing the limits is not a good idea in your own neighborhood. I'd suggest saving one's dares for public events. There seem to be lots of those anymore. Naked bike rides, solstice parades, nude photo shoots and so on. You could even attend the Folsom street fair in San Francisco. Nobody will be shocked by anything you might do there.

Re: The Need to be Nude

I am lucky to live near Sandy Hook nude beach in New Jersey where I can swim and walk naked for miles
Ah, a fellow Sandy Hooker.