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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

SunnyDay's Message Board
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I'm going to check out a hot springs resort closer tp where I ilve

I've done some research in to Sierra Hot Springs Resort. It's closer to where I live. I live in Fallon, Nevada and have been driving down to Laguna Del Sol where my wife and I used to gt before she died of cancer. It is about 1/2 the distance from Fallon. My Wife and I used to visit Habersan Hot springs while she was alive that was connected to Sierra hot springs. Habersan Hot Springs was destroyed by a wild fire about a year or two ago. I will be going to Sierra Hot Springs around the middle of July. I let you know what I find there.