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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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What does nudity mean to you?

I often think about the benefits that I have experienced since becoming a nudist. Although from my teenage years on, I had the propensity to go nude while boating alone of course, but more recently the practice of social nudity has become a major part of my social life. At home I am nude and I have slept without clothing since those teenage years.

While clothed, it is difficult for me to strike up a conversation with others but while in a nude setting, I am totally at ease doing what I reluctantly do while clothed. Why is that? I don't know? Making friends too is much easier while in a nudist venue and those friends seem to become closer and they seem to be more caring people, more interesting and likewise more interested in who I am.

But the overall mental health benefit that I seem to benefit from because of being a nudist, is the most important aspect of this life style for me. While nude at home and in my yard, I experience an uplifting feeling of freedom. My senses are sharper and I am more aware of the beauty around me. I guess that it boils down to freedom, comfort and a total feeling of wellbeing. Anyway, I am glad that I am a nudist and I relish those times when I can mingle among other nudists. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

Nudity means having a towel in case you notice that somebody else is hurt by seeing something that they think that they shouldn't be seeing on you.
I was badly burned and have skin grafts on my left arm and side. If someone has difficulty looking at that and I am unable to explain to them that it's okay today after decades of regrowth, I can turn so it won't hurt them.
I had an ASD surgically repaired, and if someone has difficulty looking at the kelaw tissue on my chest, if I can't mollify their view (and viewpoint) I can . . .
Well, Hey! You know what? A person can only go so far to let other people get acquainted with the real you. I was circumcised as part of the burn treatment. Then I had my heart worked on. I had a hip replaced six years ago, too. You should see THAT scar.
Otherwise, I look real good. Nudity doesn't mean showing off -- it means exercise good manners and making other people comfortable around you.

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

You make a couple of interesting comments. I do not think we present ourselves to everyone the same way and, conversely, not everyone sees us the same way, probably because we are meeting them (or being seen by them) under different circumstances. I'm not the same person to my next door neighbor at home as I am to my next door neighbor at work. In both cases, however, it's still me and everything is "real" as real can be.

My interest and participation in outdoor nudity goes back to high school, when I was able to do a lot of nude hiking. I didn't do much of that after high school until a few years later when I had been through the army and was in college, finally with a car. I was able to pick up where I had left off before, in a manner of speaking, time permitting.

After I left college and moved to where I live now in Northern Virginia, I became involved in a lot of other activities, mostly in D.C., that left me with no time to do any nude hiking or any other nude activities and a few years passed before I was able to do any of that again. I wouldn't have given up any of those activities either to be able to do any more nude hiking. Ultimately, that's the biggest restriction on nude recreation: lack of time as much as lack of opportunity.

Along the way I did visit a nudist club in Maryland but it really didn't offer me much of anything that I was interested in. Had any club that I knew of been closer, my attitude might have been different. The two closest ones that I know are about 150 miles away almost in opposite directions.

As it happened, my chief interest was and still is in hiking and camping, though not necessarily nude. I get out as much in the winter as in the summer. I don't get very far away from home anymore, though, partly because it seems like I have less free time than ever (went to two weddings in the last six weeks and one was near Denver). I am 70 now but I still go out whenever I can but mostly near home. There are some excellent backwoods where I tramp around and frighten the wildlife. The best places I know of for hiking nude are a long ways from home but I've done a great deal of hiking nude in both Shenandoah National Park and nearby George Washington National Forest, in both cases at the northern end. Those places are nearly 100 miles from home. I used to do a lot of posting on a certain nude hiking forum but I rarely even look at it these days.

My wife and I both used to spend some time at home nude and I still do whenever I can but it can be limiting. There's not enough privacy at home to be nude outside.

I have no idea what anyone might think of my appearance when nude.

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

Verygary, Thanks for your reply. You certainly have had your share of difficulties and hopefully you are in a good place and enjoying life.
Thanks to you and Blue Train for your comments.

Max M.

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

I just wanted to add another comment here, mainly in response to Verygary's post. I hope I make sense; this is totally off the cuff.

We all have our share of difficulties. Some just have a greater share than others. It is said the same things happen to everyone if there's enough time, which of course there never is. But most people have more difficulties than you might be aware of and not all are physical. Some have the burden of caring for someone in need. My mother, for instance, was an invalid for about nine years before she died at age 47. My father had to work two jobs to make ends meet but you'd never know anything was wrong in talking to him and he loved to talk--to anyone. I'm sort of the same way. But to me, when I was little in the 1950s, that was all normal. One person's normal is another person's intolerable abnormality. You are grateful for what you have and learn to cope and to make the best of things.

I think, but I'm not sure, that people might be more understanding than they used to be of people who had physical problems. I could easily be all wrong about it, though. Like I said before, it's a matter of accepting something as normal, but not necessarily as good. I am reminded of someone from junior high school.

There was a boy who was crippled. We don't say that anymore. Today the word is handicapped. This boy had something wrong with his legs. He had braces on his legs and he used crutches all the time. He was also about a foot or two shorter than anyone else because his legs were stunted. But he got around pretty well and was always in a good mood and totally accepted as he was by everyone (I guess). He was indeed crippled but not really handicapped.

Didn't have anything to do with nudity, did it?

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

Blue Train,

No it did not have anything to do with nudity but your comments are very worthwhile in my opinion. We all need to be more tolerant of others no matter what difficulty that they have that might set them apart. This includes race, religion any disabilities and sexual orientation. I'm about the same age as you and I am very worried about the state of our country and the world. Tolerance is something that each of us can do that would be beneficial for all of us, our children and grandchildren especially.

Max M

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

I'm not that worried. We've been through bad times before.

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

In a word....... Serenity!

Walking in my woods nude is the best way to meditate and pray. Just getting nude in a natural setting is calming and opens my mind My reluctant but supportive spouse noticed this effect that it has on me. I return to the house much calmer and more relaxed than anything else that I do.

Re: What does nudity mean to you?

It means comfort. Unrestrained.