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Get Off My Six

Hey Hawk;
getting somebody off your close six will always be a major concern during your flying. It is for everybody. Some of these people seem to go at unreal sppeds and adjust to your speed. Try and use the rear window view and fly straight, afterburners on just to see what is behind you. I don't know if you use the F3 view
also but that may help. Try and break away maybe at full speed and go high. Sometimes I'll try to go into the clouds if need be and then use air brakes to turn into them. Try and get used to flying in the clouds as well as close as possible to the ground. Let's say you are in a full left turn very close to the ground. Use your right rudder to up the nose (not crash) and left rudder to hug the ground even closer. Try and not be too predictable. Even when you are evading be going straight to pick up speed, sort of zig zag and even roll your plane now and then so to make it difficult to target. If they are that close to you then expand your radar (X and S keys) so you can try and at least get them locked on radar. You probably already have experience at your radar constantly being auto locked on whatever random target is on and it's not the one you want it to be on. I guess that's the auto shoot list but you are trying to get a glimpse of who's on your six. When trying to shake some clown, expand that radar to under the 10 km range to 7 or 5. Let's say you are way up and you make two or three complete turns and they're still on you. The whole thing is to NOT keep turning like that and do something else. Go into after burners to try and increase the distance between you and them. Then start to initiate a turn (maybe left....whatever), but instead of going into that "left" turn fully, go into a hard break right turn. You might say that you were just faking that left turn just enough that they will
throw them. Not constantly going the same speed is another issue. If you are constantly going with afterburners on, they will do the same. Just for practice sake when you're alone, just fly full speed straight down from 20,000 ft toward the ground. Then, at the lowest altitude possible, hit your airbrakes and cut the thottle. Go into the tightest turn that you possibly can close to the ground like that. By cutting the throttle AND turning hard like that you've reduced your speed significantly. Get ready to get back on your throttle again because you don't want to stay at a dangerously slow speed of 180 or 200 mph. Try and roll the aircraft when flying straight also. Engage flaps and disengage at two second intervals or something as well when flying straight. You may gain speed that way. You're trying in all of this to put distance between you and them and then by slowing down at the lest second to make a hard turn, get whoever it is to show up on your radar so you can lock onto them. You have to be quick to lock if you do pick them up because in a second or two they might already go past you. Like I said before, nothing is more irritating to me than when I THINK I have a radar lock on some nitwit close by but as I continue through the turn, my radar is still locked on some clown 50 km away in the distance. Also remember that being on someone's six doesn't mean a whole lot when they can pull away a mach two or whatever speed some of these guys go, and run from you. For some reason I never could attain the speeds that some of these guys go. Another thing about going from full afterburner to a sudden "slower" situation closer to the ground is that they may overshoot you. At that poing you may actually be behind them for that instant and not even know it. Remember that just because you don't have a visual on this punk doesn't necessarily mean he is truly on your six. He could be slightly behind you or too high. He could be right beside you. He could be slightly in front of you but lower altitude than you. In other words, at some point, just because you can't see them through all this, doesn't mean they are actually on your six. At least, not at that particular moment in time.


Re: Get Them Off, Period.

I must have felt pretty good, or had a lot of patience, or b.s, when I wrote all of this.