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Running or trying to run CD's for windows 10

As usual, this problem keeps coming up wherever you look. I see on this message board, they bring up DoxBox again. I've already done the virtual VBox set-up before, and I'm not doing it again. The dos start up .cmd, is "mount c space c:slash. Then, after the dash you just type {c: \\} and you get started from there. Long names like Program Files are too long for it so you just put the folder of whatever it is in your computer {C:\\} Therefore, for something like F-16, with a folder called F16, with the F16.exe in it, the .cmd would be {C: \\ then type cd F16} which then goes to C : slash F16. Then after that, {C : (slash)\\ F16}( then type F16, after C : \\ F16 and the .exe is already presumed), and then it starts. If there is a SETUP.exe in the folder, you would type SETUP. The .exe for that is also presumed. As far as the full installation goes, I wouldn't know. I'm not on windows 10. Otherwise, here's some more guys running their mouths about this constant problem issue:

People running their mouths on yet another message board about the constant issue/s of running stuff on Windows10