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Trying to get into L3


dusted off my old copy of this game, sadly never really played it.
been trying to get multiplayer working for this game, but haven't been able to get it to work. if anyone would be able to help me out, i'd really apereciate it.

Discord: Thunder_Kick#0195
Telegram: @Thunder_Kick

thanks in advance.

Re: Trying to get into L3

Thanks alot for visiting! Just to get an outline of things to do, I want to get you the entire folder just like =SF=. You have everything installed and you can run everything offline, is that correct? You got the thing working on windows 10, or whatever so running the game is not an issue? If that's the case, please stand by to download an entire L3 folder that has everything in it. Also look at the port forward for this title on the website on the instruction page. I'll be mailing you the address for that. You're with a different squad, than =EF=, or are you just getting back into this? The main thing is that you got it working OK offline, for now. Please stay tuned, and you came to the right place to get back online with this.

regards; =RoCk=

Re: Trying to get into L3

Maybe I'm jumpin' the gun right out of the starting gate TK. Are you having the issues these people are constantly having in order to just get the game to run at all?

These guys are trying to get this stuff to run out of the starting gate

I know their title is F-16, but I see more on other titles as well. Just trying to see where you're at with this.

Re: Trying to get into L3

Here's something i just picked up on one of their very popular titles. I'm presuming you have windows 10. In the control panel for turning windows features on (or off), I don't have legacy components or enable direct play in win.7. But I haven't had issues with running this stuff either. Just getting online. Here is something you might have seen before:

-Right Click the Start Menu and click Apps & Features
-On the far right side click Program and Features
-On the left of new window that opens click Turn Windows Features On or Off
-Find Legacy Components and enable DirectPlay
-This should install the component - you should now be able to run commanche 4 without the need to restart your PC

Of course they have their other popular titles like land warrior, as well as this one, but I just don't have windows 10. Let me know how it goes, OK.

sincerely, =RoCks=