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Saturday nights game/voice

Saturday nights game/voice
Sun Dec 7, 2003 08:22

HI...It was good to see so many of the squad in the game at the same time, lets try to do this more often. Congratulations to everyone. Roger Wilco seems to be the way to go. It certainly adds to the game and it makes it much easier to set the team work plans in motion. I don't think anyone had a problem with their computer slowing down. King as the Squad leader would you please leave some comments..................Regards Hawg......AMERICA'S BEST RULES................

Re: Saturday nights game/voice

Voice chat
Sun Dec 7, 2003 11:50

What great fun it was last night! Voice chat really adds a new dimension. It sure is easier to talk with one PTT button that to type when you're in a dogfight and need help.

Hawg needed help last night, and I told him to come right at me so Tracer would follow him. I had a straight-on attack and nailed Tracer. Later, I was in trouble, and called Hawg. I came right at him, and he returned the favor by downing the assailant on my 6.

I definately experieneced no known degradation of my system with voice chat. I hope this is the way for everyone. If everybody does not do Roger Wilco, we should not use it. It would not be a very good time for a squadmate to be on and not hear what is going on. It was that way for Hawk last night, until he figured it all out. Before that, he was in the dark. I sure hope that this works for everyone.