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Thank you for the time you let me race. I made alot of mistakes i realy am not a dirty driver and iam sorry for messing up your finish, I know better and you guys were nice enough not to kick me out so i will do it for you, Ralphy i will miss your burps, I wish i could have made some friends but i guess i am not that good at making friends. i hope you don't think bade of me.
Jonesy Let #42 have his #45 back he was nice to let me have it, God Bless you guys.

Re: Thanks

Let me take this time to apologize for my pit road shenanigans. KC, I probably coulda, shoulda let you go before I tried rushing into my pit stall (and for checking up and flying down the track right in front of you on the backstretch), and Six... I knew better than to try to ride under you, I don't know what I was doing.

But we're all here to have fun, so it's a pleasure to have you race with us John

Sorry again guys, I'm still pretty rusty, so don't hold it against me.

Re: Thanks

Jones, you dont have to go, I was venting and trying to make a point about the lead lap courtesy on the last lap. We all make mistakes, but you should never quit because of it.

Conner, I have been that outside car coming down pitroad before and pulled down as someone was pulling out, no worries. The on track incident was you just trying to get out of the way and moved before you checked the mirror, again, Ive made that same mistake, and so have many here. Its all good, you owned up to a mistake and apologized and it was all good right then and there. keep racing and the rust will fall off, lol.

Re: Thanks

Yeah, there was no desire from anyone to have you quit. I'd say KC was pretty calm about it actually, but still got the message through. It was just a bad judgement call racing hard with the leaders a lap down with a few laps to go. Just learn from it. If you are really quitting, just remember this is self-imposed and you can change your mind. Nobody wants you to leave.