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League rules

Richard Hadler you have been asked to not come back to our server for any races.

Yes I do own this server Do not come back here to start your stuff again.



League Rules
All members and recruits are expected to read and abide by these rules.
1) Our most important rule is to race each other clean and with respect at all times.
2) Profanity when using Live Chat, TeamSpeak or in the Web Forum is not permitted.
Please do your best to respect this rule.
3) Anyone caught using any type of cheat will be immediately ejected from the league and banned from returning.
4) Flaming or intentional wrecking will not be tolerated.
If you are involved in an accident please hold your comments, except for your apology.
A simple “I’m Sorry” goes a long way toward defusing an angry moment.
5) There will be a 24-hour cool down period for all disputes.
Save the replay, review it and see for sure what happened.
Try to settle whatever may have occurred through the Admin after the cool down period has ended.
If resolution is still not possible you may e-mail the league’s Sergeant of Arms, NWO-Banger at skinbanger1@yahoo.com, and he will help you resolve your dispute.

Read Rule 4 and no questions asked. You broke rule 4 Have a nice day

Re: League rules

Well Richard. Have a nice Day. You are correct I did a bad Job . I should have Ejected you earlier. I am 2 old 2 put up with your 8th Grade education


Just a hint get you a server with your sister and run it the way you want it.

Re: League rules

Okay, I'm gonna speak on this once, and after that, you no longer exist as far as I'm concerned.

You've always had a bad habit of blocking every lap like it was the last lap. I got tired of having to lift to avoid hitting you, so I saw a hole and went for the pass. Anyone with common sense would have moved up to let the other guy go, but instead, you decided to try and pinch me down on the apron, and I wasn't having it. You let your car cut across my nose, wrecked, and tried to play the victim yet again, when you could have just as easily let me go and kept on racing. Oh, you were "running your line"? Spoiler alert: I was running my line, too.

I made up my mind a long time ago that I was going to start racing people the same way they race me. I'm not perfect, and neither is anyone else here. I'll be the first to admit it. Last Thursday was the first time in a pretty long time that I made any mistakes that directly hurt another driver. And I admitted to them. That's where the fun began. I apologized to you directly after that incident at AtlantaBR. Everyone else seemed to hear it just fine except you. That's where you started treading thin ice by running your mouth with the "oh, that's okay, take out the leader and don't even say anything, oh, watch out, Kyle'll wreck ya, woe is me, waah waah waah".

Now, back to Monday night. I was fully willing to accept fault even though I felt like you should have given more room, but you didn't even give me a chance to open my mouth to even form the first syllable of an apology before you started flaming again, running your mouth, blah blah blah. Whatever. I ignored it, kept on going. I wasn't going to let someone get under my skin if I could help it. Then, you once again pop off at the mouth with the "watch out, he'll wreck you" crap.

Because I wasn't going to listen to any more BS during the series that I'm in control of, and because I wasn't going to let you be a distraction to everyone else, at that point, I keyed my mic up and told you to park your car and retire, and leave both servers. Twice. I did what I was supposed to do as an admin of the series, and you blatantly ignored what I said. Another spoiler alert: for that alone, no matter what you did from that point on, you were going to be banned from Sunday and Monday series regardless. But Ralphy whispered to me on TeamSpeak, and said "let's give him the benefit of the doubt, we'll keep an eye on things". That's right, Ralphy convinced me to let it go, and let you keep going.

Then comes the whole thing with Hud, and you'd better be glad he kept himself as reserved as he did. Yes, I told you to shut the **** up. I'll admit it, and I'll never claim to have NOT said it. That being said...you pushed us both to that point by constantly running your mouth after you were asked, as calmly as any of us could possibly ask at that point, to be quiet and drop it. You brought every bit of this on yourself, and put the cherry on top with wrecking Hud under caution and then trying to come after me. You dug your own grave, lied down in it, and pulled the dirt back over yourself. It's done. You're done here. Point blank, period, end of story, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and whatever other clichés fit here.

We put up with a lot of crap from a lot of different guys. Us admins had been discussing for a while about cracking down on everything, and we finally did. All of this could have been avoided had you kept your mouth shut and given me a chance to apologize Monday night.

You struck the match, lit the fuse yourself, and it all blew up in your face.


Re: League rules

Gonna miss u Wreckerrrr u were fun to F with. Sorry about all this sir. U be good

Re: League rules

So...Who wants to go play some pool and have a beer? Im buying...
Live, Love and laugh. peace, I have been sim racing for over 17 years. I have seen all the fights, actuation , cheats. Im tired of that. I have received comments that im the problem here. If this is true I will leave....peace

Re: League rules

I love this drama Rich, You are such a wordly man. Where did you get your masters at? Or did you even graduate from high school? Do you own a home? Do you have a plan for your future, I would say no, you spend your time doing this. Good luck to you I hope minimum wage works for you :)

Re: League rules


Re: League rules

I just wish we could all get along & have fun racing,,,as adults...we all **** up when racing...I learned to be more forgiving & less aggressive on the track,,,Thx to you guys...hey Fellas...let's race...Drama is for the women..lol