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Re: bugsscuffle race

Quote: Mlsharp
I would like to follow up and thank a few people: Randall for letting me know if this situation, DWI/NWO for hosting this race and managing eveything that goes on, All of the dirvers as you made it interesting and strategies were great as well as racing, and most of all, Bugscuffle a racer and most of all a friend for lighting that fire in my ass to try a little strategy to try and win this thing, thank you...My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his friends...After you look at the race, and all races, to me I feel I have made quite a few friends and am very appreciative on who I have met over the years whether your an asshole or not. I know this was a points race but it still pains me to hear some of the comments that were made. When you put things into perspecticve we should all be thankful we were even able to start and grab our wheels for this race...I am glad I get to race with all of you and look forward to more