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Re: wheel/peddels

Ferko do you sell used cars for a living
almost had me convinced I needed to buy it LOL

Re: wheel/peddels

20$ and counting

Re: wheel/peddels

Those TSWs are really good wheels. They're not flashy with tons of buttons, just plain, simple racing wheels. My dad bought ours over 10 years ago, and the only thing that has been wrong with it was the potentiometers wearing out (which is expected, because they wear out naturally over time).

If you buy a used TSW, you gotta make sure it's USB, or it comes with a Rockfire gameport to USB adapter (which I just received yesterday in the mail ).

Happy Hunting!

Re: wheel/peddels

LOL. No but I sell car insurance? Do you need a autombile quote today?


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Re: wheel/peddels

If your not the Geko, I'm not interested