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Friday SuperTrucks Series Incident at the Finish

I'd like to appologize for slamming you in the wall DC, and officially you won that race. The most important thing to me is to race people clean and I didn't mean to turn into you so hard. I had a really cool finish with Rusty coming to the line at Zen Joltis and Eight Bowl where we rubbed coming to the line and I was trying to do what Rusty did and just rub, not slam. Clearly I'm not very good at it! Congratulations on your win tonight, you and I had the fuel strategy, but I think you saved more I was losing power coming to the line. You had me! Great job.

Re: Friday SuperTrucks Series Incident at the Finish

i will take half blame for this wreck, i went back and looked at the replay and Alex is right, we finished 2 races this season in the same manner, my bad, we were just having fun at the time and didnt think about setting a bad example

but i have seen similar endings in other races

Re: Friday SuperTrucks Series Incident at the Finish

NO Rusty, I wasn't invoking your name to blame you. I loved those finishes, I just really suck hard at trying to rub another car. I will not be trying it again, but surely it isn't your fault I messed it up Rusty. There's nothing better than racing for the win coming to the finish line. I took away a cool finish and DC's proper celebration with my mistake. He didn't curse me out or anything and even said "Good win", which is pretty damn classy. I hope you don't feel like your win was cheapened DC, my motor was juuust starting to lose some power from lack of fuel and you would have surely gotten me at the line. I was just trying to have some fun, and it was, up until I put you in the fence.

Re: Friday SuperTrucks Series Incident at the Finish

Alex, it's all about having fun and I had a blast last night. You said sorry and told everyone what happened right away and I was good with that. It was a great race and a good win (at the time) for you.

Re: Friday SuperTrucks Series Incident at the Finish

I had to make a late points adjustment in the results this morning. Inadvertently put myself ahead of Todd made the adjustment now the points are official.

Good win DC you earned that one. With that gas miser strategy.
Alex and DC your comments are commendable.
Now thats what makes this a GREAT place to race.