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Re: Self-diagnosed Sociopath

It doesn't matter the forum --people get depressed, act out against their loved ones, fuck up their lives and act like little bitches. Then they get on google and diagnose themselves to be sociopaths, find a forum and tell their sob story and talk about how guilty and remorseful they feel for not feeling guilt or remorse.

It feeds their delusions or some such psychobabble.

Your answers are much more in line with sociopathic thinking. Either you've done a lot of reading on the subject and know how to conform your answers, or you're some kind of narcissist or sociopath.

But, without underlying ASPD or conduct disorder at a younger age, unless you have a penchant for violating the rights of others (assault, rape, theft, murder) then you don't meet the clinical definition of a sociopath. right?

simple narcissism comes with a blunted affect, no? As do many other conditions that don't rely on a persons history of violence.

Let me ask, how many times were you arrested when you were under 18? why?

You talk about fire, ever burn anything that wasn't yours to burn?

If your girlfriend is passed out drunk in your bed, do you consider that to tacitly mean "yes?" If you can't wake her up, what would you do?

Do you have friends? Why do you think they still like you?

Can you hold down work?

Re: Self-diagnosed Sociopath

I DOES thinking that maybe your not sociopath. I tells you why i DOES thinks that. You does sayed many things that can means you DOES be sociopath like no grief but maybe you does actually feels grief but just not show it or THINK that "i must feels grief" then you not feels it for some reason. It does be hard sometimes to find real emotion you only has to keep looking.

you sayed you does THINKS others does be stupider than you. That doesnt be because you does be SOCIOPATH that does be because you thinks that not every people does be special. All peoples DOES be special. If you does knows that then you knows ALSO knows that every answer is right. There is many right answers and what you does BELIEFS in not maybe always right. But you also did sayed "I've always considered myself the best at any sport I've engaged in, only recently even noticing that I may not be." that means maybe you does KNOWS this.

I not knows why you does not COMPLETES studying. there dosent be studying to look how good you does BE it be because to improve yourself. I does thinks that does SOUNDS a bit weird. Maybe you not speaked with your true heart?

"I'm sincere when I say feedback is appreciated, though I don't expect anything." You does means that you not wants peoples help? You does sayed yourself that you DOES thinks other people does be stupid. And maybe you does be afraid to makes youself looks like you does needs HELP or that you CARES about this? Maybe you did SEENED others does be gotten replys that does acts like they does knows everything.

"I didn't speak a single word of truth in my sessions with him after introducing myself, and waded through feelings of imaginary sadness I figured I would be uncovering." Why you not speaked true? Maybe he can answers yours in your PROBLEMS.

I does also SEENED that you does sayed you did ENJOYED hurting your FRIEND and that you does also ENJOYS manipulating peoples. You does be maybe only think that it does be CHALLENGES. Does you maybe thinks that if you DOES manipulates peoples then that means those peoples DOES be stupid because they can BELIEFS something you says and DOES do things that you MANIPULATES them do. Has you been manipulated youself? What you did thinked if you did GOTTED manipulated i means what you did FEELED?
When did you thinks first time that you CAN manipulates peoples?

Everyone else did posted important QUESTIONS so i does posts mine too. What does you thinks does be YOUR life philosophy? What does you respects? it can be things like LOVE or WISDOM or POWER or INTELIGENCE or MEANING or GENEORISTY or FRIENDSHIP.

Maybe you should tryes to go to church and see that maybe DOES helps.

ALSO i does thinks that maybe Hexi does thinks you be sociopath because you does has some things Hexi does has. But i not thinks that be ENOUGH to says you does be sociopath. I thinks maybe sociopathy not exists at all. I not seened SOCIOPATH ever myself.

Be well.