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Re: Can you help me Ananlyze this personality?

Does it really matter what this woman is? She is evil incarnate. Period.

I would suggest you read "The 48 Laws of Power".

Pay particular attention to number 2 and 10. You have an unlucky girl there that will destroy you. She found a feast and she used you well.

The best thing you can do is forget. A good person feels bad, blames themselves, rethinks things over and tries to fix the relationship. You will be destroyed if you think too long on this one.

Just walk away. I know it is hard. I have had to do the same.

Evil is an appealing beast. If she wasn't, you wouldn't be so drawn to her.

Walk away from your beast. Her fur is slick and her teeth deadly.

Just my two cents.

Re: Can you help me Ananlyze this personality?

thank you for your reply, the word "Devil Incarnate" stuck in my head , it makes so much sense , I truly for some time started believing that she was possessed, that something was seriously very wrong, yes she is the Devil Incarnate..

Re: Can you help me Ananlyze this personality?

I read your entire post and if it wasn't real I wouldn't have believed it. The lady has issues, that's for certain. Let her deal with it.

What's a more important question is why are you wasting your time trying to find reasons for her behaviour? Why did you put up with her not just being cruel to you but rude to your family?

You're worth more than that. Find someone who truly appreciates you.

Re: Can you help me Ananlyze this personality?

I kept asking myself the same question, this was so out of character for me to put up with what I put up with, I honestly started thinking she put some sort of spell on me, don't get me wrong im not the superstitious type but I was almost as shocked by me sticking around than by what she was doing..... on a positive note I just came back from a visit to a psychiatrist, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and felt like I was gasping for air the entire day,I would all the sudden feel like my vision is blurry and get very light headed, just a horrible feeling unlike anything I experienced my entire life..... it kept getting worse and worse so I knew I had to get help,

my doctor gave me a prescription for Effexor, and also Alprazolam( Xanax), I hope in time I will go back to my Normal cheerful and happy self and look back at my horrible experience and laugh about it.

thank you so much for actually reading my story, its too embarrassing for me to talk about what happened to me I had to vent out somehow so I decided to just write

god bless :-)