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Re: issue with colleuge and team and life

Hi! I guess I just have alot of questions for you.
You say you are not confident about your work. You compare yourself to a colleague. Do you want help building your confidence?
You feel you have given up alot to have this job. Did you decide that now you want the things you have given up?
You want to acquire a better position. What would that look like? What would be better about it? More money, more respect from others, less fear of being found out as not competent?
Is this about finding and following your passion? Do you imagine that once you find your passion you will have the confidence to give up everything again and follow it?
I'd love to hear more about what you are thinking...

Re: issue with colleuge and team and life

thanks for the reply..
yes i do want help in building my confidence..i want that i should be equally treated as my college..he is somewhat selfisha nd oversmart..ya i want 2 find my passion to..i cant concentrate on one work at my work dont get finish early..kindly help me...