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Re: Multiple personalities (and some extra)

Wow! Good work, Richard. I saw an immediate connection between Zenemy and Adam, but your take on this is much more interesting than mine. I thought only that we were being plagued by a couple of idiots who like to throw around accusations and unsubstantiated claims. Then, when the claims are refuted, they ignore the evidence and continue on ranting and raving. At most, I thought Greek Adam was only imitating Zenemy, not that they might be one and the same. I was seeing them both as a couple of paranoid schizophrenic types, but perhaps it is only one crazy with two names.

The Doctor appears to have two attributes which really piss these people (or this person) off. First, he is the type of person who has time to listen and to care about others. (These jerks should realize that he is sharing his wisdom, as well as providing this space, gratis). Second, he is well-informed and brilliant. Zenemy/Adam would LIKE to be brilliant, or at least would like others to consider him brilliant, but he barely qualifies as a second-rate mind. How do I know that? Simple. Any truly intelligent person when he asks for evidence, and then has it presented to him, says thanks for the new information, and incorporates it into his world view. That is how intelligence grows and prospers. This guy asks the Doctor for evidence, and when it is presented simply ignores it.

By the way, Alexantropos, if you are so bloody proud of being Greek, how about imitating the intellectual rigor and honesty of your ancestors instead of playing these childish mental masturbation games?

Re: Multiple personalities (and some extra)

I hope I truly was of help even if I might have been wrong in some of my views. There is no point in appreciating what I said because I said what, to a psychologist, is trivial and probably even incipient, but the fact that you appreciate my good intentions is very pleasing to me.

I'd just like to say this was the first time I ever came to this forum, for what it's worth.

Thank you.

By the way... as far as the destructive comments are concerned I do have one thing to say: please leave the flamming to the thread where this problem is being discussed in depth. What happens outside that thread should be considered neutral territory. Let's keep this civil. I have not said anything about Dr. Robert outside that thread nor will I do that unless another thread is created that is also about this topic.

Re: Multiple personalities (and some extra)

Adam, you are an idiot. This is not flaming. It is a simple fact. You criticized the doctor in a rude and disrespectful manner. He answered you politely, and pointed out that your ideas about sexuality were mistaken. He demonstrated your mistake with a number of references (which I doubt you ever even checked). You did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge that he had replied to you with new information, much less the intelligence to respond to the new information.

You are on some kind of vendetta here, and that is obvious to many of us, not just me. You don't make the rules here, so stop trying. I suggest you leave this forum where you really are just a useless pain in the ass. If you want to parade your absurd ideas about sexuality, or if you want to slander Dr. Robert, why not get your own website to do it, or start your own forum.

This forum is not about slandering Dr. Robert, it is about open minded discussions of serious topics among people of good will. You obviously are not interested in that kind of discussion since you lack even the common decency to have replied to the doctor properly or to acknowledge that he presented you with new ideas which required serious consideration.

You talk about flaming--my god, man--your entire communication with Dr. Robert has consisted of you flaming him. No wonder he cut you off just like he cut Zenemy off. You are just like Zenemy, and I suspect you are him in disguise. Why should the doctor have anything to do with you? Why should any of us, for that matter?

As I say, you are an idiot. And it is even worse than that, Adam. You are an idiot who thinks he is smart (you aren't). You are the kind of puffed up idiot, who uses the word "fora," and then feels obliged to explain it to us inferiors out here just in case we aren't brilliant and educated idiots like you.

Adam, you are a raging narcissist, and that's not flaming but pure fact. Not only that, you are a liar, and those of us who have followed the doctor's website know it. In a pig's ass he changed that reply to the boy to evade your scrutiny as you keep implying. I read that piece months ago, and I know better.

You really are lost. Get a life.

Re: Multiple personalities (and some extra)

Although I still suspect that person is under a fake identity, he is right in saying that this should not be discussed in this topic. I quoted what I said into the appropriate thread for just that reason.

This is still a thread I created and where I am asking for help. I don't mean to sound offensive, but I really don't want the topic where I am asking for help to turn into anything else.

Re: Multiple personalities (and some extra)


I understand and will comply.