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Re: Internet sociopaths

It is not always that simple, though. There are many of those who have been quite sucked into the whole thing, which is why I guess you could say the state is nearly permanent. At least at the point when you're outside laughing at a guy falling under train. A shock-like state lasting forever, perhaps?
And even in the simpler cases, well, it is not quite that simple! Or easy.

But, but, but I am sure you had much more to add! Let's hear it. Some constructive criticism.

Also -- this is a bit off the point -- I noticed that you made a very interesting discovery concerning sociopathy not too long ago, you mentioned something about it being a "personality" rather than, hm, mental illness or condition or so? I would love to hear about that a little more, if only you have the time to write about it.

Ps. More food for thought! Could those people, the ones who have not yet "strayed off the path", as I would just love calling it, be classified as sociopaths? If only for while they are under Internet's dark shroud of doom.
Side note: (With "people who've not yet strayed off the path" I am, of course, referring to the people who can be safely brought back on earth.)