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Internet sociopaths

Today's subject is: Internet sociopaths.
It is in! It is hip! They can watch all gore torture stuff on the net without flinching!

No, but let's get serious, shall we?

Alright first off I'm not a doctor or anything - as you must have figured out by now - but I still want to share a lovely theory with you. Everything written below is very much based on speculation and doesn't have any scientific back-up. Now that that's cleared up, let's move on!

Secondly, I'll apologize for talking about "Internet sociopaths" and "normal sociopaths" I am a very impatient person and I simply can not find the time to think of something politically more correct. It's not that I don't realize how silly it sounds!

As you have surfed around internet, particularly in places such as 4chan or youtube, you may have noticed that there are a load of people very, and I mean VERY, detached from reality and quite dead emotion-wise. The people who happen to stumble upon a youtube video of an Iraqi man being shot in the head just to say "LOL HEADSHOT". And it doesn't limit to things happening in the net, either. These are often also mistaken for sociopaths, which I guess they are in a sense. The condition, as I understand it, is not actually a result of sociopathy but a result of being detached from reality for too long -- yes, ladies and gentlemen! It is the computer's fault!

This probably needs further/more detailed explaining, but unfortunately I am not going to give it until someone asks for it. I am not going to waste my time writing for hours just to see everyone ignore it. So, as long as nobody shows any interest whatsoever you'll have to be fine with that.

Now, I'm not here to actually distinguish Internet sociopaths from "normal" sociopaths - who knows they could be the same! I'm actually here to talk about a cure concerning sociopathy. Yes, a cure! Bla bla, sociopathy is not a sickness, etc, etc we've already heard it all, no need to repeat it. I know some of those so-called Internet sociopaths can be cured one way or another, exposing the reality to them, whatever. It's rare, but possible depending on the severity of the detachment I guess.

So if being detached from reality results in becoming very like a sociopath, and being detached from reality is a result from not going outside and sitting on your computer all day experiencing suffering and pain through a screen and never really experiencing anything (I guess we could call it "being raised in a barrel"), we can probably assume that the detachment does not involve genes or a brain fault. At least not to the extreme! Nor is it about discovering anything, as some insist it is with homosexuality.
Well, you can't prove it, you can't disprove it.

Now I'll get to the hard part of all this, I am going to take two pictures and connect them. In other words, I am going to make a connection between "normal" sociopaths and Internet sociopaths. Yes, I know it is very hard to bear the pain of it all, my fellow "true" sociopathic friends, but don't drop dead or anything.
So, neither feels anything, not even towards their family, neither fears anything (although I guess some of the so-called Internet sociopaths would wake up once they got their own hand cut off or something, not quite so sure about the "normal" sociopaths), both lack empathy and remorse and neither shows respect towards other people's rights or possession.

Anyway, if, (and a big if it is), we establish that the two conditions are very very much alike, even the same, and we know that the other condition can be cured, AND we know that we *don't know* if sociopathy is a result of inheritance, is it not possible to assume that the conditions may have been caused by something slightly similar? If so, or even if not so, is it not possible to assume that they may be both cured, perhaps even in the same manner? Well thank you for listening and please do reply, I worked really hard to write this.

Feel free to argue your points, and if by some tiny chance you agreed with me on something, feel free to mention that as well!

Ps. This topic is NOT about "different sociopathic castes". Nor is it a topic in which we are supposed to solve which is better, Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer. Nor is it about how great Whitewolf is.

Pss. I didn't mention the cure! Well, frankly I don't know. But I am sure someone can think of something, smart as you all are. Maybe I'll offer a suggestion or two later. Maybe we should talk about that if anyone is actually interested in any of this.

Psss. I understand that this requires you to agree with what causes "Internet sociopaths' " detachment from reality. I guess some may disagree that they are detached from reality at all! Feel free to argue your points.

Re: Internet sociopaths

I agree with you and think that the cure would be as simple as the cause. Get the hell out of your room and go outside, not just once or twice but just turn off the computer and don't touch it. Being detached from reality is a very REAL and common result of playing games and sitting at your computer all day, every day.

Re: Internet sociopaths

It is not always that simple, though. There are many of those who have been quite sucked into the whole thing, which is why I guess you could say the state is nearly permanent. At least at the point when you're outside laughing at a guy falling under train. A shock-like state lasting forever, perhaps?
And even in the simpler cases, well, it is not quite that simple! Or easy.

But, but, but I am sure you had much more to add! Let's hear it. Some constructive criticism.

Also -- this is a bit off the point -- I noticed that you made a very interesting discovery concerning sociopathy not too long ago, you mentioned something about it being a "personality" rather than, hm, mental illness or condition or so? I would love to hear about that a little more, if only you have the time to write about it.

Ps. More food for thought! Could those people, the ones who have not yet "strayed off the path", as I would just love calling it, be classified as sociopaths? If only for while they are under Internet's dark shroud of doom.
Side note: (With "people who've not yet strayed off the path" I am, of course, referring to the people who can be safely brought back on earth.)