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Re: Asking a favor

Firstly, many thanks for providing us this opportunity. It is really an

oasis to our problems

My question is simple (maybe common) and clear:

I am asking my sister to do me a favor. I tried to explain her that I am

asking her because there is no one else who could help me on this matter.

She told me tha she will do it even if it is very difficult for her,

due to her strict work conditions (it really was).

However, while she was hearing me what I would appreciate to do in order to help me for she was

mumbling and mutter discontentedly. I responded:...please don't this to

me...and she said...well you are pushing me and you are asking to be

polite with you...that isn't so easy

This behavior finally droved me crazy....So...before I get finished my last sentence I

finally said her...well I dont' want to do anything. Thank you and

closed the phone.

It is really so annoying and she makes me feel that I must be punished by her

behavior because she is doing me this favor. Her particular behavior makes me finally canceling her

help even if she is the only one who could help me. And

believe me I need her help right now...

I would greatly appreciate if you could share with me your thoughts with

this trivial but so important matter for me right now. How to behave so

as to have a good relationship with my sister on such matters

Many thanks in advance and sorry for my english...hope you understand my


I am looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience

Yours sincerely

If she were a PSYCHOPATH, you'd get more responses than you'd know what to do with. But, seing as she's not, you'll be ignored.