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November 24th 2005
09:32:52 PM


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Hey EdgE!
Glad to see your post and welcome aboard.
I'm in the process of contacting TriggerHappy as far as updating the =AB= Roster. I think Sky King has also given Audrey a list to introduce, and hopefully she isn't still angry over the confusion. On my end, I will try and add you to the Flash intro a.s.a.p.

Sincerely, =R.o.C.k.=

November 22nd 2005
08:59:41 PM


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Hey guys, glad to be a part of =AB=. Very proud to be the best from the best country.I thank you again for alowing me to join.

PS. Very good website (when will I be added to roster, if at all?)

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July 21st 2005
11:42:32 AM

Scorpion =AB=

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Great website. I am honored to be a part of AMERICA'S BEST, and hope to be pulling my own weight soon.


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July 21st 2005
11:38:22 AM


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Rock: thought about that game as far as i can remember it was not my win.

regards HAWG.

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