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Re: I think I have Asperger's Syndrome..

Thanks, I thought that was probably the case, but hey, it never hurts to ask. I'm going to try to see a psychologist soon.

Re: I think I have Asperger's Syndrome..

I doesnt really be doctor and i not even knows what aspergers syndrome is but i does thinks you could TRY speaking in LOUDER voice. If you does SPEAKS in low voice then you usually does SEEMS like you not wants to draw atention or maybe that you be a bit NERVOUS. And when other people DOES notices that then maybe you DOES get nervous.

If you does speaks in LOUDER voice you does also gets some confidence. Maybe it not works maybe it does works. Also you shoud not THINKS that if you does speaks to someone you maybe embarass YOURSELF. I not thinks that DOES be happens. Just talks about stuff you does knows or does FEELS natural. If there DOES be stuff you not knows or you not knows you can always SAYS things like 'ok' 'thats nice' and 'really?'. Others opinions not really matters i think too. If someone does be mean then i THINKS that be their own fault not your.

Be well,