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Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder


Well I was one of those who "defended" the doc, and I think both you and Daniel are right. The doc certainly can stand up for himself if he needs to. What offended me so much was the total irrationality of Anthropussy's attack. I was OK with his initial disagreement with the doc. Everyone has a right to disagree. But even after the doc adduced facts and studies to refute Anthropussy, he would not stop attacking, and even got more far out with it. It is often said that you have a right to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. Anthropussy just went on inventing "facts." I just became irate, I guess.

BTW, I am a long time admirer of Dr. Robert's website, but I certainly do not see him as a cult leader, nor myself as a cult member. I think for myself and do not look to others to decide things for me. My attraction to Dr. Robert stems, I think, from a rare combination of traits he seems to embody: high intelligence with openness and compassion. Intelligence alone is not all that rare. But many if not most people with high IQs seem judgmental or cold. The doc is not like that at all. He seems to be someone I would like to have a drink with or sit down to dinner, which gives his writing a flavor I rarely find elsewhere.

Anyway, I am glad the apology was given and accepted. Perhaps I took the whole thing too seriously, but it feels better this way.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

I also am someone who came to the doctor's defense and demanded the apology from AA, but I certainly don't see myself as a cult follower. Not at all. Several years ago, during a severe personal crisis, I wrote to Dr. Saltzman for advice, and, at no cost to me, received a long and comprehensive reply. The doctor's point of view on my problem opened my mind immediately, and since then I have experienced what I can only call a profound spiritual awakening. I understand that readers might be skeptical of this, skeptical that some words in an email could trigger such an awakening to inner realities, but that is my true experience.

When I read the libelous and mean-spirited attacks on the doctor's qualifications, abilities, and integrity, I knew the doctor would never demand an apology for them, and that is why I stepped in.

I agree with you, BT, the doctor does not really need to be defended. As he said in his letter to me, "I am nobody special, and either are you. We all just are, and only for a brief instant." With an attitude like that, why would he need any defense? Still, when one receives a profound teaching, one feels like honoring the teacher, and that was my intention. Simple as that.

Personally, I am happy that AA finally did apologize, and also glad that he apparently has stopped spamming the forum.

Take care all,

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

That is a beautiful line.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder


Thanks for your gracious apology. I accept it completely.
By the way, it never was my intention to ban you from the forum. All voices are permitted here.

Be well.