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Re: i think im dating a sociopath

If I may, I will pitch in with my own advice.

Avoid becoming codependant. Think twice about what you are doing. Search a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you. If the therapist says it is safe, try to open the possibility that something might be wrong with your "colorful friend" directly to him and see if he is willing to seek help.

I agree with the previous post in one thing: you will not be able to change him or mold him to what you desire. The problem is, although you came in the guise of curiosity, you seem to want a relationship with him while fearing he doesn't have the full set of charecteristics you truly feel you need.

I don't have access to enough sources of legitimate information about sociopathy to be able to give you my opinion of whether or not he is a sociopath because he seems a bit different than what have read about sociopaths, although he is too close to the definition for comfort. Another reason is that I don't know if what you said is the complete description of what happened. The main reason of all is that is something very serious that could endanger you and have serious consequences for both: even with the right sources, it takes years of study and experience to be proficient in such sensitive diagnostics.

Please, talk to someone who is experient in that area. You have two (or three, depending on what you think of my contribution) different opinions on the matter, but this is only a bandaid and you shouldn't feel secure with this knowledge...

Be safe.

Re: i think im dating a sociopath

Adam, what you read about sociopaths is very, very biased and based almost solely on prison populations. It's not as simple as that. Sociopaths are not defined by their lack of emotions or concern, they are defined by their personality, it just lacks emotional concern for others but in no way does that mean that a sociopath would automatically be violent or abusive. Some, like myself, don't "hunt for the next victim" as some would claim to be the mo. I do get the urge to just cut a persons throat, cut the body into pieces and dump the parts into the ocean, wrapped around in chains so the bags wont float but i don't. I get my rush from other things in life because i know it's a momentary rush to hurt someone and it leads to a longer path of violence and eventually, i would slip, or snap.

Re: i think im dating a sociopath

thank you for that i will keep that in mind:) i would probably say the worst thing about him is he can be sweet one minute and then dead cold to me the next. Saying things such as 'Oh i hate talking to women' then looking at me and saying 'Oh sorry louise'
And emotions are only for women and gay men which kinda hurts. And he feels content in the knowledge that he has no emotion saying 'I like it better that way, cos even if i don't feel happiness like others i don't get particularly angry either'.

I told him i thought he was a sociopath, he was didn't seem surprised he merely gave an example of someone he thought was worse of then him. It didn't bother him at all.

and by sweet things i mean he picks me up from work sometimes, and wants to be around me quite a bit, has no problems sleeping beside me and cuddling up, but aside from that he is back to the same cold person he was before.

but thank you for that, i do always seem to pick those that i need to fix only this time i thought he was just an average guy with his head screwed on properly.

with that in mind thanx Hexi for your point of view also, because while i get the idea he has no feelings for me, it is the need for attention or company that he may want and perhaps at least i can offer him that for now. I don't really think he is particularly sick or anything or even needs help he's quite happy doing his thing but im more concerned that that im gonna end up with some ridiculous hope that he may actually like me one day, so i figured it's best to ask some people who might look at the situation differently.

and if i could say that he likes anything about me at all it's probably because i let him be himself, and talk about things he likes such as pics of dead bodies and stuff. And listen to him play guitar all day without winging at him. And at the least i don't talk about my feelings with him cos to me it seems pointless until one day he comes out with them.

Re: i think im dating a sociopath

A lot of people don't want kids, use women for sex and have little if any emotion. Doesn't mean he's a sociopath.