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Re: Thoughts on unconsciou

Well nothing is written in stone but I base my knowledge off of a few books. The easiest to read is "The dream Workbook" by Robert Langs MD.

..I just found a cheesy website with some examples of the difference between conscious and unconscious thought. It's hard to explain them in detail but seeing comparisons between the two should help you understand the differences.

Some people get unnerved when they realize how little the conscious actually controls. That is their egos fighting in denial. Try to look past that when you read the book. Try to think of it this way. There is another part of you that you can't access but it cares about you more than anything in the world and it will never abandon you. When you fall and don't know how you got through that week.. it was your unconscious that carried you.

Re: Thoughts on unconsciou

Strangely enough, that website was surprizingly liberating lol

So, that is the state people try to reach through meditation. Hmm, so you are saying that you mostly feel, not think ( and in our perception, thinking IS feeling, so it is like you are rid of emotion, but not exactly).

Well, initially you asked our thoughts about it, and to me, it seems like unconsiousness is a good place to be, but for a vacation. According to you, it becomes a very comfortable lifestyle, but in a way, overanalyzation and consideration, and not knowing what to do can add spice to life. I guess you can judge better, considering you've experienced both.

I will try and find that book in the nearest library tomorrow.

Re: Thoughts on unconscious

Well... when I have more information I can be more precise with my thoughts but for now there are holes in the logic that need to be filled. Otherwise it'll start looking like a fictional story and I'll have to add a burning bush. but Thank you!