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Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

I sometimes forget that you live in isolation.

Hexi, I value you far more than the others because we are similar. But I do not have any emotional dependency on you nor do I seek your acceptance as I already have it.

Yours is the closest structured mind to my own. Only in that you can relate to some of my actions and understand the underlying reasoning I may use as you share that same structure. Everything else is unique to the individual as far as I know.

I'm a paranoid psychopath. Which means I assume everyone is out to get me in some manner or another. But people don't get that I don't have any concept of fear. So really a paranoid psychopath is just an untrusting psychopath... which labels most of the higher capacity psychopaths.

I was ego boosting again. Can't help that. It's how God created me... because he loves me. No, but really even if there isn't a God.. I still don't fear death. I thought that would change that maybe I would be more emotional but no.. I guess everything inside is dead to me.

Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

Hahahahaha, you crack me up wolfie, you really do. That was awesome.

Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

I still don't understand why you fear death. Why you would concern yourself with prolonging this life at all costs. For all the distaste you have towards the world.. you sure do seem like you want to stay in it.

I see your fear of death as an exploitable weakness that you shouldn't have. Perhaps... perhaps you are broken . :-(

Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

I'm confused. Who are you adressing wolf? If me, wut?

Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

I'm confused. Who are you adressing wolf? If me, wut?

You said if your nation was invaded you would do anything to survive.. which included becoming a traitor.

People who have nothing worth dying for have nothing worth living for either. I find your existence shallow and unforgivably boring. In the South we would call you a house honky... if you were white.

I fail to understand why you would act in a manner that demonstrated such cowardice. Then again I'm not you.

Re: I think I'm a sociopath...

And how does that equate to me being afraid of death? If i have nothing to live for, surely i wouldn't care if i died, no? Or was that too logical for your superior mind to grasp?