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Re: No Real Problems with boyfriend who might be a Sociopath

You're not describing anything to me. You're just explaining your logic. ****.. that wont make sense in English.. hmm

What you appear to be doing is simply enhancing the truth. You choose your lies carefully.. that is just part of the art of Deception. (Yes, I did capitalize it.)

You can't really tell people the truth when the truth is too much for their simple minds. Highly emotional people do crazy crap.. without thinking. At least I know I could die before doing insane things. It's not a surprise or really a concern because chances are.. I'll triumph in the end. I don't really need to win but I naturally rise to the challenge.

I believe your lack of loyalty and such is just a product of your enviornment. Just as my extreme loyalty is a programed trait of my enviornment. You are not evil.. you just have different methods for which you survive. Sheep eat grass, wolves eat sheep.. you cannot ask a wolf to eat grass. The wolf will die. Why? because the wolf was not born to eat grass. The wolf was born to hunt.


Re: No Real Problems with boyfriend who might be a Sociopath

What you appear to be doing is simply enhancing the truth.

Lying=enhancing the truth. Awesome. That my friend is totally made of WIN!

Re: No Real Problems with boyfriend who might be a Sociopath

What is a lie? Honestly, you live in such a distorted world that suck divisions have long since turned to gray. There is no black and white.. there is no right and wrong. Everything is subject to interputation. What a Christian thinks is good could be a grave sin to a Muslim.

So don't dictate to me what a lie is or what the truth is. If you cannot prove a lie is a lie.. than it is not a lie. For instance.. prove to me the US didn't go to the Moon. PROVE IT. Many people believe it but you can't prove something like that.

Exagerating the truth has always been a human tradition.. look at Greek Mythology and the Bible. Do you really think Jesus sat in some desert for 40 days.. no human on Earth could do that.. so trust me.. that was an exageration.. made to make Jesus look all the more better.

It's human nature to enhance the truth as a natural response to social enviornments. People want to tell eachother fun stories. So they enhance the story is some mild manner (usually) that doesn't truely alter the facts but enhances the story.

The entire history of man.. is telling eachother exagerated stories to bring out emotions in others. We've been doing it since the begining of human time.

You've lived on this planet for how long and you don't comprehend this? Honesty and the truth are not synonymous. History is more of a lie than you may realize. "The history is always written by the victor."

He doesn't lie about major things such as haircolor and what not. He lies about small things.. probably insignificant.

I lie all the time. You don't actually think I go around hurting people do you? No, it's the persona people want and fear. I'm actually a saint. I swears its!!

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Re: No Real Problems with boyfriend who might be a Sociopath

I do lie, blatantly but i don't lie about stupid things that can easily be verified to be lies, like i said. I also don't need to justify my actions to myself or make excuses. I am what you could call a ******* but you know what? I'm ok with it as i simply don't feel bad about it. These are the things i've come to realise about myself. I aknowledge i've done things that others cosider bad or criminal but it doesn't affect me at all. LOL this sounds like those "look at me, i'm a sociopath" crys for attention. I hope you that have seen my writings here realise that this is not the case.I simply want to point out that "enhancing the truth" is not what i tell myself to feel better about my actions.