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Re: Unstable emotions and the pursuit of understanding

What the-? I'm not a psychopath, I said in my post that I have QUITE an amount of emotion. Did you even read it all? Did you just assume that I'm another angst engulfed teen? P rick.

Re: Unstable emotions and the pursuit of understanding

Your hormones are going crazy about now. I believe the chemical balance in your head is unstable during this time of your life. Your body is going through a lot of changes in very rapid succession. It takes a while for the brain to properly adjust to all of these changes.

Now here's the real question.

Do you want medication to try and stabilize now? It could have detrimental effects on the future development of your brain if you take mind altering drugs like anti depresents now.

Anti Depresent drugs can be extrodinarly dangerous. I took prozac when I was 17 to help combat my depression. Instead of helping it made me.. well insane. I became highly paranoid and tried to kill someone. Inverse affects are common for me.

So drugs are made to fix your brain should you choose such a route. It is better for the ego to acknowledge weakness and look for ways to stabilize. Rather than deny there ever being a problem and continue down the slippery slope.

That is a sign of emotional maturity.