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Re: Do I seem quite narcissistic?

Okay, maybe it's time for me to come clean. Basically everything in this thread was a pack of lies. There is a few reasons for this so bear with me people. The main reason was boredom, that's the truth.That's not all, I was trying to experiment with an arrogant persona, and that's easier to do behind a computer then in person. I understand arrogance and self-love are the keys to self- destruction, best to be humble in life but I wanted to see anyway.

I decided to read up on Narcissistic personality disorder, then implement the symptoms onto myself (and I'm surprised nobody caught onto this apart from person). It was to see how easy people can be taken in to give wrong diagnosis over the internet, it happens a lot, not just on this site. People should never diagnose themselves with anything, if you're in distress see somebody.

I don't have Narcissistic personality disorder, I'm a nice person, but I wanted to see how influenced people can be by simple words. It seemed to work because I got a lot of responses, when I knew the thread was drying up I admitted it was for attention, this was to create more responses, even if they were abusive.

For me, this thread was a psychological experiment and it did work. But I'm not proud of it, It's just words on a computer screen. I hope nobody takes offence.

Re: Do I seem quite narcissistic?

It was kind of obvious hen you got hyperbolic with the bible in your name and the rain od bloo etc lol. Had it not been for that paragraph, pretty convincing!

I do think you need to find somethign else to do with your time though then making up stories on a ask the therapist forum!