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Re: ex-boyfriend sent flowers, letter and disapeared...

Hi Sara,

I can't know for sure, but it sounds to me like he is hedging his bets. He wants to keep you around in case whatever else he is doing turns out to be not that great. This happened a lot with my ex, it was very confusing. Things were going along well and he woul dpick fights with me and get angry so he could justify his affairs. Then sooner or later the other woman would disappoint him in some way and I was the greatest woman in the world again. I didn't know why we were hainv problems, I thought I needed to work on myself or the relationship to fix it and he was happy to lead me around like that to buy himself more time to check out all his options. My point is that we tend to know early on what someone is about and we choose to ignore it. You have all this information you need now to make a decision. When we blame ourselves for the failure of a relationship it makes it really hard to let it go... to accept defeat. But maybe this has nothing todo wtih you, except taht you chose to ignore teh warning signs until now. The drama can be fun but you'll know when it's time to go because it just won't seen that interesting anymore and you'll realize taht you don't have to "get it". Sometimes there is nothing to "get". He's not a real person. Again, I could be wrong... just my 2¢. Tara

Women often find another horse to sattle before leaving their current one. There are men with that same mentality. Some people don't like to be alone or want to score and aim in all direction (my tactic) and wait for one of the fish to bite. Maybe he's a womanizer. Is that what a womanizer is?