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Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

Well I'd love to stay and chat but you're a total female member of the canine family.

I'll just ignore you now.


Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

I'll just ignore you now.

Good move, I know I can be irritating what with my superiority and all... :)

Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

im DOESNT like all them FIGHTING on the forum maybe does SETTLES it with you both IS good and SMART and special and apologizes to BOTH. im IS THINKING that you be very smart person whitewolf and toby you be too and you does be special in OWN WAY.

Aperson im DOESNT thinking you is SOCIOPATH maybe because sociopaths dosent exists but also because im DOES thinking you doesnt talks very much like one. DOES you be confident person? im DOES thinking you is yourself and nothing else you DOSENT needs name for how you DOES acting.

You is you and that how you should decides what you SHOULD or NOT SHOULD do. im does THINKING that if you does DECIDE that you doesnt wants to tries serious RELATIONSHIP then you maybe DOES misses much when you COULD maybe even be CURED by be in RELATIONSHIP and find yours inner piece. it like saying im DOSENT likes snowboarding because i COULD be bad in it without try it.

Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

Talking to you, it's like on big giant hug. :)

I gave you that Rubiks cube as I'd figured it out and wanted to see if you could get it.

quite frankly I hate him

I have no time to spend hating people, and anyway, I thought you didn't hate? Or did you make that acception just for me? :D

Tell me Wolf, what've you done creative or original?

I've said this so much it's annoying: You've never met me, seen me, really talked to me, and you can't judge someones personality, traits, thoughts or anything based on a few forum posts.

Your welcome to keep thinking I'm close minded, or live in a box, it just gives me something constructive to use to work on and better myself.

Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

Oh and toby, you are wrong about wolfie not taking others views into consideration. Maybe just not yours? :P

I havn't seen him take one persons view into consideration he whole time he's been here.

I take everyones into consideration, somewhat regrettably, even his. :)