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Re: Islam?

ok. my english isnt perfect. expllain why islam is good? extacy. you cant because it isnt good. its bad. explain dont just ramble abot your bugs.

"There is nothing either bad or good but thinking makes it so." Hamlet.

I'm not sure if you are actually asking a real question or just looking for a fight psycho1. If you are asking a real question, then the above quote is my answer. Before you can find out, for yourself, if any one religion is good or bad, I would wonder about the meaning of good and bad first, if I were you, and how that relates to what I do and don't believe. About everything.

That's just me though.

Re: Islam?

I wonder why there's never been a religion developed over the writings of Shakespeare. Nearly everything you need to know about human interaction is contained in his works.

Re: Islam?

Right? And yet... Imagine what a fundamentalist mindset could do with the above quote from Hamlet.

Re: Islam?

Indeed! *chuckles*

Re: Islam?

come over me then stayy on my face

WHAT!? Did you mean come over and say that to my face?
I can't stop laughing... :D

Hoxo learn enlglish! spelling is a hallmark of hexi?

? I...