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Re: behavourial issues

firstly, thanks alot for understanding me.

i was thinking of consulting a psychologist but i think m gettng my ans here.

my marriage wd probably be arranged coz for time being i dont thnk i can even think of MEN. i hve lft it to my parents to decde who's better for me. if i were to choose, i'd probably nt even thnk of getting married.

nw u gt to help me.. advce how to 'act' like a girl? i dont want to be tagged as a masculine female... i just dont.. people have been making fun of me. but it's hgh time nw. i cant change thm so it's better to chnge myself.. also.. i feel shy to interact with females.. i dont even have an eye contact with them coz m afraid they'll know the truth through my body lang..

Try to remember, when you are with other females, that they probably feel if not exactly the same at least partly the same as you. It's confusing to be female (not that it's easy to be male or anything). So, first of all, just relax :)

The next time you are in a place with a very feminine girl, watch her. (I mean if you can watch without being "caught".) Try finding one at a restaurant - maybe there is a girly waitress there.

Is there an actress whom people find particularly womanly? Watch her movies.

If you can stand to read them at all, try a few romance novels. See how the authors describe the female character's movements.

It may help you to think of a cat when you walk and a songbird when you talk. One of the most "feminine" things we women do is look down while we talk and then lift the eyes to look up at our audience at the end of phrases (more so when talking with men than with women). We tend to pitch our voices higher and more breathier than men - a head voice and not a chest voice. We move our hands a lot when we talk, but not our arms so much. When we sit, we are controlled about it - knees together, ankles crossed - unlike a man who relaxes into his seat, knees spread. We tend to walk up on our toes and not back on our heels. I'm not sure I can give you much help here - you've got to find your own body style, but maybe this is enough to think on.

And, if you find you do not feel fulfilled after adjusting your body language a bit, please don't rule out professional help. I'm just a girl with no training in psychology, so please know there may be a lot more to consider than what I can share.

Re: behavourial issues

Another good reply, unknown. Nice work.

Be well,