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Re: marriage

Good day to you Genalal.

I'm not Dr. Robert and I have no medical degree. My opinion, for what it is worth (nothing at all) is that you probably don't have anything to worry about on the having sex for the first time part. We all figure these things out for ourselves in one way or the other and I don't see why you would be the exception. I'm not really conversant on what your cultures mores are with regard to talking about sex with your fiancé. I live in America and here I would feel perfectly fine in discussing with my fiancé what we would mutually find pleasurable. Of course, it's also true that here we could actively experiment without worrying too much about social stigma. But I realize that might not be true where you are from. I would suggest talking with your fiancé about all of this if possible. If it is not possible due to the subject matters unacceptability, then you will have plenty of time to discover ways to please each other after you are married.

With regard to your concern about whether the size of your penis precludes you being able to father a child, I'd suggest speaking with your doctor, if you can. Although on the face of it, I don't see why the size of your penis would make any difference, I am not a doctor so I don't know.

Bottom line, be easy with all this. Anxiety will not in any way help you. Take some deep breaths. Look for things to be grateful for (including the ability to take deep breaths). Count your blessings. Relax.