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Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

If for some reason, Britain and America fought I have no doubts that you would win. But you can never crush our spirits, you can never demoralise us.

Here we just call them burgers. LOL - The slice of cheese means nothing. :D

China would be hard enemy for you to take though, their army is much larger than yours, but they have inferior style... everything.

I don't like Pepsi. I like Coca-Cola, Mcdonalds, KFC. And, your versions of our flag. They make me laugh, they're always wrong, and it says "Proudly Made In America" on the bottom. :P

Good tactic. Make terrorists fat, then you storm the caves and they can't get to their weapons fast enough. LOL

I'm stuck on Modern Warfare 2, On the end level 'loose ends', I try running down the hill and shooting everybody quickly, but I always lose...

I was actually saying we have a small army...
We still rule! :-)
Who do you think would win between the US and China?

Chinas army is there to maintain control over their people. Do you realize the danger they live in? If the Chinese people were upset enough they could seriously threaten the integrity of their leadership. A million man army means little when it is designed to control a billion people.

People are like cows. Scare them enough and they will plow through police and everyone else trying to get away. Shock and aw is an awesome tactic.

But I don't believe our nations will ever war. We are allies. Also The US could never take China from the Chinese nor would we want to.

..they ain't got no oil y'all! LOL

But yes I think the British would valuently fight any invader. I respect that.

Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

The Chinese people could run at the Chinese army armed with nothing and the army would be screwed...

People are like cows...

In so many ways... :-)

they ain't got no oil y'all!

LOL - Is that true? That the first thing you did when you invaded Iraq take their oil? :D They don't need it anyway....

Thank you for your last comment. :-)

Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

Youre making an overweight joke against your fat self? Aren't I the one who should be steriotypicaly fat? Poor diabetics. At least you don't suffer alone. Tons of fat people are diabetic. Thats most of my nation. It's nice to be sexy and sleep with sexy people. They're so shallow and naive.

Sorry I'm fantisizing about life. I do so enjoy existance. I have the imagination of a single child. Oh how it has helps to be creative.

I realized the mistake I've been making. I've been feeding peoples steriotypes inorder to amuse myself with their retarded reponses. I should just be more honest and boring.

As it turns out I usually spend the majority of my helping others. I feed them, counsel them, raise their spirits and give them a sanctuary of a friend. Someone they can confide in. Like even now I tell no one anything of Cboos life. On some levels i even understand why she did it and i accept it. Thats just how I roll.

I don't know what it's like to really hate anyone. I can't do it. It's like the feeling of hate just fades away. I lack the ability to.. power the emotion. In the moment I can be angry but somehow if others start yelling and screaming I suddenly calm down. It's as if them losing their minds makes me more focused. I still argue but because I'm not angry I tend to start laughing... which makes them even more angry. But honestly... people look funny when they are angry.

Life is always a game to a psychopath. We are more like game masters than players though. We don't experience the intensities of emotions.

You ever thought you might be dead inside? I have. It's a horrible thought. Why can't I get hurt? Why don't I cry at funerals? Why is it always funny? People don't trust me because I can't emotionally bleed with them. Thats how... people bond. Emotional experienes. So I have to fake it.

Why do I have to be the bad guy? It gets so old.

My lack of emotional capacity is not a disability? There's no drug to fix me because I'm not broken. But being born different... born special.. does seem to have drawbacks. Just like Jesus... everyone hates you. You tell anyone irl the honest truth that you are a Psychopath... consider yourself crucified.

I'm sure if we lived in a more primitive culture.. my contribution to society would be significantly more valuable and I would not be precieved in a negative light but more admired as a defender.

Do people realize I would help them if I saw they needed assistance? Or do you all assume I wear black clothing and shades... maybe trenchcoat and do angry stuff? LOL.

Really... people are animals. I think the only real defense against a psychopath is self control and we will test it. Given enough exposure... you will have no choice but to like or accept me. Look at Toby... I infected him with the kindness attack. That and guys are more forgiving.

I'm sorry but in my experience... women... especially teenage girls can be the cruelest people on the planet. Far more hateful than I could ever be.

I'm not really jealous of the being angry crap. Also I love women and instantly apologize for being offensive to their race. (cause they ain't like guys). I may be a psycho but I'm still a guy. I don't really think women can be psycho.

Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

I dont have type 2 Diabetes, I have type 1. Type 1 isn't caused by eating, or being overweight. It's your body atacking itself, it's worse than type 2. I miss lots of sugar. :-(
It's estimated I will die before I'm 55. I try not to think about it, If I show I'm worried to anyone close to me, they will just worry that I'm worrying. :D
I've got to have 4 injections into my leg a day, Or my blood sugar will drop too low - and I will eventually die. LOL

You don't cry at funerals? That's fine, Dont pretend. Just try not to point and laugh at the casket. :D

Born "special"? Sorry, you're no more special than me, or anyone else. It's pointless arguing that Empaths are superior, it's just not true, noone is superior or "special".

You infected me with "Kindness"? It worked, I don't care, I would've gotten to where I am anyway regardless of how you treated me. You just sped it up, Thanks.
So basically, "Kindness attack" insinuates that even on here you are lying, not being your true self. Tell people to **** off again, 'twas fun.

Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

Heh no.

There would be no point in lying.

You and your misguided thoughts remind me of someone named David. I hated David!!!! LOL love the joker. He was such a good twisted psychopath.