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Re: Hexi LOL

You can't talk... You counted the number of sentences... :-) LOL

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

I've always been a bit of an instigator. It's because I like to fight and I know people like Daniel don't. Sure he will put up a resistance but I know my will is stronger than his.

Again Gray Cur – really? This is a joke right? Your proof that your will is stronger than mine is what, intellectually bankrupt commentary on an internet forum? And I should lower myself to fight you because…

I’m going to go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are being ironic. So…. LOL. I guess.

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

And Ecce Homo… please stop stalking me!

LOL! Well Daniel, it's good to see that you are doing... well... whatever it is you are doing when you write these comments.

I must say though, only a mind that truly believes the world revolves around him could believe that I leave comments solely because of you. Yes, it is true. Running across your name in relation to the conversation you had with Dr. Robert was what bought me here, but I didn't go looking for you. And I leave comments here for reasons that are entirely my own.

Having said that, this has been an educational experience for me, and for that, I owe you and Whitewolf a debt of gratitude. And thanks again to Dr. Robert for providing this forum to begin with. I do hope this forum can get back to being a space for people who need with their issues too.

You aren’t a saint. You’re just plain weird.

I suppose learning to love unconditionally would seem weird to you, wouldn't it? That's ok. I am just glad that my self understanding has no connection to your opinion of me.

Take care Daniel and by the way, I love you! I know. Totally weird. :-)

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

I'm concerned that Ecce Homo lacks the emotional integrity to withstand social bombardment.

In other words... don't break him.

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

But if he were to "break" you could fix him again, right? :-)

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

I'm concerned that Ecce Homo lacks the emotional integrity to withstand social bombardment.

I knew you cared! LOL!

Seriously though, I don’t put much stock in arguing or defending or name calling and so on. I haven’t gotten much value out of it myself nor have I seen the wisdom in it when I see other people engaging in conflict, verbal or physical. And I get that this view is not popular, especially on this forum as of late. I don’t think arguing and/or fighting verbally is wrong and that you or others should stop. It’s just not for me. Truth does not need defending. It simply is what it is. Egos, on the other hand, never run out of things to fight about and for!

And it’s all good.

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

Ecco, how's it going there in your fantasy land? To say such rubbish like "Truth does not need defending" makes you look horribly naive. Tell me, have you ever read a single history book? I know my tone is "provocative" but i just want to explicitly express my disdain.

Toby, that was utterly besides the point. I had to count them to make a point. :)

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!


My world is just fine, thanks for asking. :-) I have read loads of books, on many subjects. Your understanding of truth is… limited. Unnecessarily so. Truth cannot be found in what is read in books. Facts can, but not truth. It’s bigger than that.

I understand why you believe what you believe. I get that it makes sense to you. I even get that you felt compelled to express your disdain. You were completely successful in that expression. So that’s good. Um… honestly, I don’t know what else to say to you because I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t defend because I don’t need defending. I don’t argue because I can’t see anything worth arguing about. So there you go. I celebrate your freedom to believe precisely what you wish to believe, to examine what you want and to leave unexamined what you want.

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

You missed my point entirely. Truth is very often obscured on purpose and if no one defends their point of view, humanity would be lost. That is what i meant with reading history. You read history, then you read the same history by another author and you have 2 different histories. If you don't care about the truth and instead are content with a subjective view then that's your choice. I on the otherhand wish that my views are challenged with logic and reasoning.

Re: Enough with the psychopath crap!

Ah I see. You are right Hexi. I did miss your point. Thank you for clearing that up.

All I can say is that there is a reality larger than logic and more profound than human reasoning. As such, you can only see it. It can't be argued or debated, only seen or not, which is why I left debating behind long ago. Don't take my word for it. Come see for yourself. Or not. The choice is yours.