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Re: To WhiteWolf

But, we can feel others emotions...
Thats Empathy... and Empathic Concern...

So rich people understand the suffering of the poor? I think not. But rich people do assume empathy for the poor don't they. What an arrogent assumption. Thats what empathy really is. The arrogent assumption that you understand how someone else feels. Similar we not equal same. Umm... You have to walk a mile in his shoes? Analogies working yet?

Re: To WhiteWolf

Rich people are not a species. It depends on the person, of course they could feel empathy for the poor its just the arrogant ****ers that don't help.
Empathy isn't being able to understand as much as it being able to feel, actually feel, how other feel. To put yourself in their place emotionally.

A complex form of psychological inference in which observation, memory, knowledge, and reasoning are combined to yield insights into the thoughts and feelings of others, and experience similar feeling.

Sums it up pretty well.

Re: To WhiteWolf

Do you feel empathy for me?

You should read my 70+ page thread on mytherapy.

Maybe you could cry hearing my tragic life. Bleed for me. Die for me. Feel my pain. Let it consume you. Whatever.

Re: To WhiteWolf

I do feel empathy for you, and sympathy.
You're good at instilling emotions in your 44+ pages of posting. :-)

Re: To WhiteWolf

I do feel empathy for you, and sympathy.
You're good at instilling emotions in your 44+ pages of posting. :-)

You feel empathy for me eh?

How does it feel?

Re: To WhiteWolf

Well, That seemingly simple question is actually very hard to answer. :-)
That's like me saying: "Hey, I've never eaten an orange... What does it taste like?" You wouldn't be able to answer.
It feels.... Sad?
I feel as I would feel if the same happened to me I suppose. It would be easier to answer if I felt empathy to you in person.