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Re: Superiority

The Catalyst
Well, many people have argued me that no human being is superior to another and that there is a character balance of some sort, I deem it illogical. All the criteria I mentioned earlier I so happen to possess. I was hoping to avoid hostile remarks and barked commands of elaboration, and sought forthright logic or reasoning for me to study. So, is there anybody out there who can bring an actual sense of to conversation?

Thank you, i got what i wanted from that little prodding.

Anyways, to actually adress the question. First you need to be precise in what type of superiority you want to evaluate. A person can be born with many things like appearance (height, body type and facial features). Superior capacity for intelligence and mental capacity. A big... well, thing and that kind of attributes. In my opinion these are what defines a superior specimen of the human race, the things we are born with.

Apart from health problems passed on by genes, health and good immunity is the result of your childhood enviroment and the way you live later in life, external. Muscles can be trained, to a degree. Personality is affected by events in our life, or lack of thereof. These are all external influeces to us as specimen and should not be considered when measuring ones superiority.

That said, arguing that everyone is equal is illogical and stupid. We are born the way we are, some are better than others. People that wallow in thier shortcomings (pun intended) are pitiful and deserve the scorn of others.

You asked for an opinion and this is mine, take it as you want.

Re: Superiority

Well, it seems you share the viewpoint of I, how unfortunate.