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Re: The most known psycopath of this time: Edward Cullen.

Daniel Birdick
It's a pity because some actually end up with utterly abusive boyfriends and pay a price for it.

Call me cold, but really, in my opinion, it is not a pity. They have a right to be surprised when he slaps them the first time, but if they are still with the guy afterwards, then they have no one to blame but themselves when he slaps them a second, third and fourth time.

Well, it takes an iron will for someone to break away from everything they have been brought up with(that "the male is always right", "never say no", "be a good girl" etc.) for their entire life. Or to go against their own character if they're naturally subservient or weak-willed. Still, it's not an issue of gender as there are also males stuck with abusive women.

I say it's a pity because a country's strength depends on what type of citizens they have and their caliber. It's true that most people will not be geniuses but with the right factors like education and training, they can still do a lot of great things.

Still I agree that... if they are still hanging around with the person after a period of abuse, I can't offer much or any pity.