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Re: Confused 19 year old

I can relate to Mike's situation. With the exception of the lying and stealing I feel exactly how he does. There's this sort of numbness when it comes to loss and when people aren't present they might as well not exist. Oddly enough, I'm also gay. However, I'm completely out of the closet. I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. My interests seem to "put me in" with everyone but not enough to create a bond. A friend commented once that if everyone in the world was either red or blue I would be purple. Perhaps being gay has something to do with it? A lack of connection with others around you who are a heterosexual majority?

Re: Confused 19 year old

Indeed. Do you live in an area where there aren;t many other gay people or a 'gay scene.' Perhaps if you went to some venues or places that were catered towards gay culture etc, you would have astronger sense of identification and your sense of identity could be bolstered etc through being around other you share a commonailty with?

Re: Confused 19 year old

Good point, L.