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Re: Found out he had 3 relationships-and lied to all of us-is this a sociopath??

Thank you Nikki,
I waited so long for someone to respond. This is so scary. I am doing much better now, but still have not fully recovered-not from losing this disgusting relationship, but it left a hole in my heart and soul.

The crazy thing is that people who don't know him well say, "he is such a kind and polite gentleman."

I am guessing these types don't change if they get married?

Re: Found out he had 3 relationships-and lied to all of us-is this a sociopath??

Yes they can be very good in what they do, they have a lifetime of doing it. Don't let it drive you crazy, cause its bound to happen to most people who are in close encounter with them. Remember what they do is sometimes not illegal but most of the time its amoral. Listen to that gut feeling and protect yourself, surround yourself with positive, caring people. There is truly nothing else to do about it. I am still having a hard time with it myself, but it's getting better. And no they do not change. Its sad, I still dont know how it is possible to have been loving someone who has just gone through life wearing a zillion masks. Its mindblowing. Dont get sucked in too deep. Keep things light. Protect yourself, nurture yourself and take yourself seriously. Good luck.