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Re: please read...I need help!!!

Well speaking from experience... sociopaths don't call the cops and make up lies about you. If you pushed my big screen tv over I would emotionally destroy you.. not call the cops but I do know what kind of coward does call the cops.

His actions sound like a narcisist.

Basicly a narcisist is just a greedy ******* who thinks a lot of himself and tries to assert this dillusion on other people as well.

Does he always want things his way and all other ways are wrong or stupid? Does he have ego issues where he thinks he is great? Do you find yourself doing what he wants to do all the time or he will throw a fit?

I had a narcisist try to pull that alhpa male crap on me before. I tried to be nice but everytime I met him he kept boasting about what a talented Kung fu guy he was and how he had won some championship and blah blah blah. The guy thought the world of himself. So one day he decides to test my limits and started talking trash about me within earshot. He was doing pretty good until I got tired of his mouth and threw him into a solid door so hard it blew the door frame out. Then he wasn't quite sure where he was for a while. I guess in his reality he really was a little ninja but in my reality he was just another idiot getting what he deserved.

Him calling the cops is what a narsissy does. So consider yourself unfortunate. Nice tempertantrum though. Throwing over the tv probably hurt him but next time when the cops come you need to act calm and collected. If you seem calm and collected they listen to you and are more likely to side with you. If you seem emotional they kinda turn on you.

Which is strange isn't it? You were just in a highly emotional situation and you are emotional because you aren't a sociopath. So why would it be a surprise to them that you are all emotional? It's really stupid how the victim gets creamed because the other person pushed them over the edge.

Wanna get back at him? It would be ethically incorrect but next time he calls the cops.. tell them he pushed you or something. Don't say it out of anger either. Just be a little bit afraid and tell them he pushed you. Don't say he hit you unless you have bruises but if you say he pushed you and act a little bit afraid.. he's going to jail!! It will probably end your relationship though.

Narsissys always want to play these false power games with people. They're also cowards in the grand scheme of things. That's why I hate them. At least backup what you boast. Even after you drag them through the dirt they have some excuse as to why they lost.. Ghey!

If I were you and a woman.. I would just use this guy till I found someone better.

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