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Re: Have i been sexually abused

Doctor Robert wrote about this kind of thing on his website. Part of what he wrote was this:

Begin to treat your father like the creep he is, and do not mince words; tell it like it is. In other words, do not suffer silently--confront him. If he stares at your breasts, ask him why he is staring at your breasts. If he denies it, do not accept that lie. Tell him that you have seen him staring, do not like it, and will not put up with it. If he touches you in a way that does not feel proper, tell him so, and demand that he stop immediately. If you embarrass him, so much the better. Take the initiative. Put him in his place. Come to your full strength as a grown woman; you are not a child! No woman, daughter or not, should allow herself to be misused by any man--not even a little bit. Do not concern yourself with the outcome of any showdown. Just do it! As long as you stick to what you feel and know, as long as you speak your truth and refuse to accept false denials, you will win all of the psychic skirmishes, even if he continues to deny.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it here:

If you follow Doctor Robert's advice not to allow yourself to be misused by any man, you will probably have better luck in finding a man who will respect you.

Re: Have i been sexually abused

Dr. Saltzman, will you please delete this post?

Re: Have i been sexually abused

Dr.Saltzman, delete my posts. The women who replied to my question were missing the point. Is it MY fault that my cousin suddenly touched me from behind? Is it MY fault that my dad suddenly touched my armpits without asking me? Also, i was exaggerating when i said no guy asked me out. Some guys did, but i turned them down. and i didn't make myself clear when i said i acted really slutty. I meant i liked to tease guys with sexual talk and watch them get aroused, but i would never actually do "it" with them. Anyway, I think you're a psychopath. I agree with Wini and Jere. I know you deleted other people's posts because their contents were religious. I LOVE JESUS. okay, this post is religious. So delete my posts along with my original question please. Why are you not deleting my posts? This is turning out to be an absolute monarchy, not a forum. You're deleting whatever posts you want to delete and not deleting posts that the original writer wants deleted. If i had known about this i wouldn't have written in your forum.