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Re: Will she laugh at my size?

You will continue to get hard, for no reason what so ever, for decades to come, although it starts to drop as you hit your twenties. It is completely normal. I have actually started to find it funny as I get older.

Maybe you will still grow, maybe you won't

I'm glad your relieved. Any condom you can buy in a pharmacist will be safe. buy a few different ones and see what feels right before hand by yourself (tightness and so on). Please read the instructions that come with them, you might think its obvious but there is a technique to putting them on.

I'm glad your relieved.

Re: Will she laugh at my size?

Look at it on the bright side.. if your penis is too big, then people might notice whenever it gets erect. but because it's small you don't have to worry about people noticing. so in the long run you will be psychologically healthier than men with penises that are too large