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I don't consider people to be friends

The title is awkward and I was struggling with a way to describe this feeling. I feel as though I am not close to anyone.

I am quite popular, ironically, and apparently everyone loves/adores me/wants to hang out with me. They think I'm their friend. However, I don't feel that I'm "friends" with any of these people. I'm not close to them. I don't confide in them, and I don't really trust them. I hang out with them and have fun and such, so I'm not a social outcast, but I am just not FRIENDS with anyone. They're all just... people I know, I guess.

I knew this was pretty abnormal throughout my whole life, but I was unable to find any information on it, so I pretty much just gave up on figuring out what it meant. I've been in therapy for sexual/verbal/physical abuse as a child and through some testing the Psychologist asked me if I "ever felt close to anyone" or if they "just felt like acquaintances even if they felt close to you." I've ALWAYS felt this way, and now I'd like to know why. (For reasons I'm too lazy to disclose, I won't be seeing this Psychologist again, so I can't ask him) Any opinions on this subject?

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Re: I don't consider people to be friends

'Sexual/verbal/physical abuse'? Sounds to me like you keep people at a safe emotional distance in order to avoid being hurt. Seems pretty logical to me; I wouldn't want people getting that close either. As long as it's not bothering you, I don't see why you should worry about it. Of course, if you seriously yearn for close friendships and so on, feel free to go ahead and worry. -_^

Re: I don't consider people to be friends

Ahh, thanks so much. I was kind of thinking that was what it was, but the way that the psychologist said it to me kind of sounded bad. Then I was curious/anxious/etc.

Thank you sooooo much.
Have a great day. : )

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