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How can people possibly not be terrified by the though of death?

People often tell me that they're not worried about death, but I can't see how they aren't; I am.

The thought that family members, pets, and you are going nowhere when you die, and you'll never see each other again... is very scary. Right?

How can there be people that don't feel the same as me? Are people here not worried by death? What are your thoughts on the subject?


Re: How can people possibly not be terrified by the though of death?

I don't see how someone can be paralysed by fear of death. You understand that after you're dead nothing matters anymore, right? Why worry about the inevietable that is out of your control, worry about life. If all you do is worry about death then where is the fun in living?

My death is not important to me at all, but my life is something I can actually do something about. Anyway, just remember that the older you get the more you'll beg for death. Enjoy yourself while you still have your origial hips, and know that death will ultimately be a sweet relief.

And dying early, again, it's hard to care about that which I have no control over or knowledge of. Doesn't matter to me that I'm dead, if I'm dead.

Re: How can people possibly not be terrified by the though of death?

Could it be that people who say that they are not afraid of death, have come to terms with what you are describing?
My personal beliefs is that when we die, our "mind"; our "conscientiousness" ceases to exist, therefore, I (when I die) will not miss anything, because I have no capacity to do so.
The fact is, what scares me more is someone else dieing. Because, then I am in a position that will I miss them. I grieve for their potential lost and my own desire to see them.

With those thoughts in mind, I try to make the best of what I have now.